Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lessons of an almost 2 year old

The photos: learning how to hold Wyatt...and the other one ...well these were her words "Caroline feed my mouse now"...she then proceeded to sit in the chair that I feed Wyatt in, put the boppy around her, hold her little mouse, and lift up her shirt...hilarious! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Learning from a little one

Caroline this week has truly continued to amaze me. I love seeing how the Lord is using her to continue to teach me and remind me of things I am supposed to know and then act out in my life. Earlier this week as she and I were eating our lunch - I hear her say "Give us our daily bread" - pause - that's when I went into slow mo and realized my daughter was beginning to say the Lord's prayer to me..."and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation"...Oh my! (now realize that there were some missing syllables but all in all this is what she said). Now, for some background on this came to be in her little brain.
My mom recorded a Grandchilds CD about 2 years ago for her grandkids(only 3 at the we are expecting #6 - my brother's 4th any day). On this CD are prayers she has for them, scripture she prays for them, stories, music that means a lot to our family, pig latin lessons etc...on there is the Lord's Prayer. We always and only "listen to Grammy" in the car b/c that is what is requested by the Boo. What the lesson was for me was this: There is never an idle moment to train the heart of a child. Things heard over and over and over WILL impact your heart...whether or not it is scripture, Maroon 5, encouragement, the words I LOVE YOU...whatever the words are they penetrate you heart. This is a sobering thought and a challenge to continue to use even time in the car as a learning moment.

The next thing she taught me was today. She had fallen asleep in the car and like lots of kids never makes the transfer upstairs to her bed for a real nap, she always wakes up. Today was no different. I however, wanted her to have some quiet time in her bed - I didn't care if she slept, or talked to the hundreds of creatures that share her bed...she just needed to be up there for awhile while I fed Wyatt etc. Well, soon after I get started feeding WCH I hear little feet (so unusual she has never done this before), I ask her to come to me, she does willingly yet a little slow. I ask her if nap time was over and if she was supposed to be out of her bed. She proceeded to turn around lip out walk herself back upstairs to her room. She came out one more time, down the stairs, I asked her to come to me. I asked the same questions...lip out she turned walked up the stairs crying the whole way, went back in her room, shut the door, climbed in bed and waited for me to come get her. What an act of obedience. I was so proud of her. Still am. She DID NOT want to do it...hence the tears...but she did it anyway. What an amazing reminder that even when we don't want to...even if we cry the whole time...the Lord still wants us to be obedient - not asking Why - or giving an alternative...He's okay w/ the tears just not disobedience.
Oh that I will grown up to be like her....thanks for the lessons through just a little babe Lord!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two Months Today

Wyatt is 2 months old today! How did that happen? Here is a fun pic. I will add his stats tomorrow when we go to the doc for his check up. He still has a bit of the diaper rash, he has started to coo and is smiling at us...and is a master at blowing out his diaper! Love this boy!
Just returned from the doc!
Weight: 12 lb. 5.5 oz (75%)
Length: 24.5 in (95%) (side note when does it become height instead of length...when they can stand?)

What's up my Peeps

Ummm hilarious shot of Caroline sporting her daddy's stocking cap! I loved it!