Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Vacation

We are just returning home tonight from our first family of 4 vacation. We didn't drive to go visit any family. We didn't meet any family at our was just us...Jason, Allison, Caroline, and Wyatt. It was divine. You know I didn't know if it would be. Would it feel like we were just doing life in another didn't feel that way...even cooking dinner seemed appreciated food different...Jason and I slept in same room even though we had space that they didn't have to but they requested that they should...they slept well, played well...I think we only had one spanking, a couple of wipe outs, lots of new words from Wyatt (like elevator, I got it, There it is, beach, jelly bean, ice cream)...there too will be a sufficient detox from all the videos watched in the car and at night...but was vacation...I loved it...Thankful we made the decision to try it this year...overall thankful!

The Generous Spirit

About a month ago I began talking to Caroline about donating her hair to locks of love. I told her that there are some kids that are sick and don't have hair. Would she like to give them hers...she paused and said "Yeah let's do it after naps." I laughed and said well, you've got a wedding that you're in in a couple weeks, lets wait until after the wedding. So, about 2 days after the wedding she said, "Mom the wedding is over, we have to cut my hair." I love it.
I wasn't sure how she would react...when they cut would she cry and beg for them to put it back on (would I cry and beg for them to put it back on)...neither happened...our little lady behaved again with such grace...I love it! I told Jason that I feel very responsible for raising her to know that truly "your beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"...she won't always have gorgeous hair, so I don't want her to associate her worth with is a look at her new look...

The Flower Girl

Caroline was asked to be a flower girl in a wedding. It was sweet Kelsey Stubbs (now Cordell). Kelsey has babysat for us since C was born. I have had the opportunity to mentor Kelsey for a is a sweet relationship. Anyway, we have practiced and gotten ready...but oh what I experienced couldn't have prepared me for what I felt that night.
We did all the hoopla that a wedding should have...the rehearsal dinner (you'll see the pic w/ her adorned in her hoopla that the bride got for her) she instantly became 16 I am pretty sure. Then the next day she decided that she wanted to wear her tutu (that Kelsey also got her) to arrive at the wedding in...hilarious...then she got dressed...and from here on out I was so impressed with our girl.
She did a lot of waiting around like you do when you are in a wedding. Never did I hear a complaint, or a whine...never...she chose to behave w/ respect to those asking things of her, when the rain moved the wedding indoors and she had to roll with it...she did...then came the time for me to leave her upstairs w/ the girls, and make my way downstairs to sit w/ Jason and await her arrival. I told her I was going downstairs and was she ok. She said she was. I was nervous...not because I was afraid for her, or wanting her to be perfect...I just kept telling her all weekend to have fun...but here is what I came to realize. I had my first proud parent moment. You see, it was the first time that I became an observer of her life. I wasn't in control...she was...I had no say in how she did "it"...what happened was this...all the girls walk down, the music is building, and I see her little white bow above the tops of peoples heads...walking slowly...then she turns the corner with the most gorgeous calm smile on her face and she was tossing those petals, and walking, and smiling...she's never done a thing in front of people...I mean truly you never know what you're going to get w/ a flower girl...right...we've all seen them loose it...never make it down the aisle...but for wasn't the perfection that she gave walking down the aisle that I was so proud of...but w/ tears streaming down my face I was observing my daughter make a choice w/ how she wanted to behave, treat others, step up to the plate at game time and deliver, then wait w/ grace even longer for that darned cake! I was just so proud of her. To top it all off, as the wedding is happening - vows are being said - she realizes that she still has all these petals in her basket, what to do. Jason just tells her to drop them on her way back out at the end. And so she was great. Enjoy the pics of our little lady.

Seeing Old Friends

I apologize for my lack of blogging....probably have lost any readers I once's to new beginnings...the fall is approaching (although you would never know from the heat outside)...there are some happenings that I wanted to capture there will be several posts to come...

We had the awesome opportunity to catch up w/ dear friends Keith & Hope West and their two boys Jed and Bo. I worked w/ Keith and Hope at Kanakuk. She and I walked every day together, traveled together, dreamed of walking with our babies together, prayed for our lives together, she was in my wedding...and now we just live too far apart. But every year about this time she and her fam come cruising through Atlanta b/c they have just been to see Keith's fam in North Carolina. Well...we met for lunch, Keith never having met my kids, I only having seen Jed (now almost 5) right after he was born, and Bo (almost 3) when he was about 9 months old...our kids played so great together, and Hope and I spotted a few "glances" between Jed and see it too? Anyway, it made me so thankful for stolen moments w/ friends. Like my mom says...I don't think that absence makes the heart grow is being w/ people that makes it grow fonder. I have missed was a pleasure to be w/ her and her men.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing together

Yesterday was priceless...the kids are learning about playing together. It is so great to watch them and hear them. It was after naps and they stayed upstairs playing. They had crawled into the cradle which is the "boat" and I hear Caroline in there instructing Wyatt. Here's how the conversation went:
C: "Wyatt this is an apple. Can you say apple?"
W: "Apple"
C: "Good job buddy that's right. This is an alligator. Can you say alligator?"

etc etc. And this kind of conversation went on for over 10 min I bet. She is often getting married, and he is often her prince (even when he doesn't know it). She asks us who her "special man" will be...when I say I don't know his name yet I ask her if she would like to pray for him...she we do.

Wyatt is ALL boy. I love it. And he is sweet to his mamma. Today as we waited for Jason after the service he smothered me with kisses. Probably 10 in a row...precious. He is into riding his bike, as is she. He loves "Lightning" "Doc" and "Mater"...he loves rough housing...

They both love the water. We are at the pool most days, thankful for the reprieve from the heat.

Mostly in these last few weeks watching them I realize - AGAIN - just how fast this is going. I mean was it really already a year ago that WC began all his puking and we realized it was reflux...has it really been a year since we potty trained Caroline...Lord in the midst of me trying to find a way to "kill time"...let me soak this up...let me soak it in...I think often of the passage that talks about Jesus' mother Mary "hiding these things in her heart." too

pics: Caroline trying on her flower girl dress and practicing being a flower girl
Wyatt: swimming lesson and being well cute :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Musings

So sorry it has been awhile ....not sure anyone reads this except me anyway...hopefully our kids will someday and it'll be calming to them, reassuring, encouraging etc.
Sooo today...this is more about something w/ me than w/ the kids. I was out running a costuming errand at one of my old stomping grounds from when I worked. I am prepping for a video shoot this Friday. When I walked in w/ Caroline and Wyatt they were so glad and surprised to see us. When we couldn't find one of the things I needed the owner just said "Didn't I hear you say you were going to take the kids to lunch?" "Yes" "Why don't you take them to get some food and I'll just make you one." ...What?! She'll make me one..."We'd do anything for you Allison."...I just love when relationships that you invest in come back into your circle and you are able to see that investment at work. Does that make sense. It's been 3 years since I've been there on a weekly basis...They all hugged me, gushed over the was great.

The kids...are well...GREAT! I love this season. Caroline is 3 - full of words...I mean full...the swim instructor says one day after lessons... "Wow, how old is she again. Yeah I've never been around a 3 year old that talks that much." I'm going to take that as a compliment! :)
Wyatt is 18 months, communicating...loves singing "You Baby" and "Love on the Rocks" from the Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond baby! He is full of energy, full of life, opinion (mostly about food), and is a joy to watch him share w/ his sister, love on her, and have an opinion about when Jason tries to hug me or touch me of any kind...he's not a fan! Makes me laugh.

Life is good. Loving it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things happening

I can't believe it has been since her birthday that I have posted. April was a busy month. We had Easter, a wedding in TN, a death in the family and went back to KC, pink eye for Wyatt, Caroline and myself, stomach bug for all of us...April was busy. Also in April Wyatt got his first haircut, he began totally walking all on his own - even the ability to stand on his own when he falls down so he can keep walking - walking is now the preferred mode of transport. Caroline is into talking about "body parts" - enough said. :) We are learning that those are private conversations - not ones necessarily meant for the Greenway or the halls at North Point. Caroline is also into using phrases like "Mommy you misspoke." "I made a mistake." "Hey silly boy." "How does Jesus go potty." Hmmmm all the questions a sweet 3 year old should ask.

Tonight I am sad for little Wyatt. He has had a temp for 4 days (high 101-103), doc said there is a virus going around with high temp for 4-5 tomorrow is day #5. He is eating like a champ though so I am thankful for that. He and I are sharing round 2 of pink eye...I hate feeling like this. Like I can't quite get the germs out of the house so we can all be healthy...I know that this is normal...but it still stinks. I hear him cough in the monitor and know that honestly there isn't really anything I can do. It's like how I pray each night when I lay the kids down, "Lord meet their needs when I can't." Tonight Lord, comfort him sleep...restore his little body.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She's 3

We had a wonderful week of birthday's last week! My mom came in town for the week of celebration - we loved having Grammy here. Caroline is truly just a delight. She is full of questions - and answers :) - she loves to talk, I mean loves to talk. I have noticed that if I give her the tools she needs she really loves to learn, loves to review on her own, loves to teach her own dolls - or Wyatt...she is so stinkin smart. One of her phrases lately is "I think I misspoke." Hilarious...I mean what 3 year old says that...She loves to learn scripture, she loves to learn period. I have truly enjoyed doing pre-school w/ her at home two mornings a week while Wyatt takes his morning nap. Her birthday was great. We celebrated w/ lots of cake - she requested the same pony cake that WC had but wanted it pink. She chose her bday dinner herself - she requested Cheeseburgers, Kale, sweet potatoes, and cake (of course). Last Friday (which was my bday) we all went to the zoo! Our first time and it was so GREAT! Gosh the Lord was creative when making all the wonderful animals.
I also got Caroline some soft curlers to put in her hair at night...she loved it and felt like such a big girl! There isn't any toddler in that one anymore - she truly is all little girl! I love being her momma! Enjoy the pics.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wyatt's Walking

Well...he took 3 steps today. This has been a week of major development for him. It seems like to me anyway. We came back from a week in Kansas and he seems like such a big boy. I feel like that always happened with Caroline too...after she had been with her cousins for a significant amount of time she came back more confident verbally and with motor skills. So WC came back and has been able to climb on the couch and chairs by himself and get which he is very proud of himself. Today he took 3 steps...and verbally oh my is the run down of words (oh yeah he is only 14 months)
sign language: more, please, all done, fish, butterfly, elephant, bye bye
spoken: momma, daddy, ball, cracker, ah do (all done), no, shh (shoes) sss (socks), car, he has two stuffed animal blanket things he sleep with and he quacks for the duck and says ruff fuff for the dog

It is just so much fun to watch him grow and develop! I love watching he and Caroline play, become friends, kiss on each other!
We are in a really fun season of life. I love what I get to do every day.

Okay, enough blabbing from the proud momma!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Asking for Forgiveness

Somehow time slips away from has it been almost a month since I posted. Time goes so fast with two little ones...I try to tuck those fun, sweet moments away in my head...but I do know that someday I won't be able to remember what it felt like to actually hold them in my arms...

This week I had a great reminder in the importance of forgiveness and that it is something that is taught. I don't think it is in our nature to ask for forgiveness, nor necessarily want to do so. Jason and I were both gone and we had a babysitter for the kiddos. Caroline was in a bit of a dramatic mode and ended up (long story short) being disobedient and disrespectful to her. I was so proud of the way that our sitter handled the situation - she tried time out and then when CDH kicked her -what? - she took away her little TV time before bedtime. The next morning I asked CDH about the instance and she immediately had a quiver lip, and tears streaming down her face. I asked her if she thought we should call Miss Kelsey to ask for forgiveness and she said NO. I let it go for a little bit, but after talking with my mom she said I really needed to have her call even if she couldn't say the words to her, she needed to hear mommy say that we are so thankful for her, and then to ask her to forgive Caroline for her behavior. Also, I needed to have CDH ask Wyatt for forgiveness b/c the whole thing started with her taking a toy from him the night before. I had her do that and she was totally compliant to ask WCH for forgiveness. Then when she and I went to the couch and called Kelsey - she just couldn't say the words - so I did for was a good teaching moment that even if you don't want to ask for forgiveness, that's what Jesus would have us do. I told her that I have to ask others for forgiveness sometimes too...and that it is still hard for mommy. It was a great morning of learning for both of us.

Wyatt is doing GREAT. He will be 14 months tomorrow! That is incredible. We found out we were prego with him when Caroline was this old...oh my! He will walk holding your hands, but prefers the speed of crawling still. He likes to follow me around saying "mama" at the top of his lungs...he signs "all done, please, thank you, more, bye bye" and he will actually say daddy, momma, bye bye, bubble, and he quacks like a duck whenever he sees one. He is a delight, growing into his little personality.

If I haven't mentioned it in a little while I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE being home with them. Enjoy the latest pics of our girl in her dress up wedding dress and veil, and Wyatt cute laughter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

God in our Traditions

So my sister-in-law Teri gave me the book by Noel Piper (John Piper's wife) called "Treasuring God in our Traditions". I am LOVING it! To be reminded about my responsibility as a believer to pass on, to talk about, to help live out the traditions set forth many many generations ago by God and keep them going. The Israelites talked about how God has shown up in their lives to their children, and their children's children. I want to make sure that Caroline and Wyatt know WHY we talk about the LORD...WHY he is trustworthy...WHY we choose to live differently than most of the world...
Piper talks a lot about heirlooms, and traditions...that there is a difference in passing down the old fur coat or the family recipe...although both worthy and a great thing...the tradition of Christ in the home is the most important to pass down.
I found myself this morning journaling about this concept and knowing that my parents have given me the foundation...that I know this stuff - but still am aware that it is my responsibility to pass it on down to the next generation. In order for that to happen, I need to make sure that my life is soaked in God - because then when life squeezes me - hopefully he with pour out on to them and those that are close to us...that HE will be the tradition of our home.
I want to be like the description of her father as he had passed away. (this is a portion of a poem written by John Piper about her Father):
"But there was shade, especially when
The tree was old: the leaves were thick
With life, and though the root was sick,
The bark deep-creased with age, the limbs
Were laden down with love, and hymns
Were heard beneath when wind bestirred
The bowing branches with the Word
Of heav'n. O there were years of shade!"

I want to have deep roots and lots of shade! Amen!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Great moments

There were so many great moments over the holiday (sans the puke, snot, and coughs) but one that I wanted to mention here, okay probably two or three (he he).

#1. When we were in the hospital with Wyatt during the holidays last year we were so moved by the people that loved on our family and brought Wyatt and Caroline gifts that we decided that would now become part of our family tradition. So on the Friday before we left for Kansas all 4 of us piled in the nasty weather to head down to Scottish Rite. We met up with my contact and handed her a bag of gifts for some other new born on the respiratory wing. There was no hoopla, no fan fare, but I was moved to tears as I shared w/ them what a wonderful experience we had had there (if that is possible in hospital), and that this would now be a part of our family experience. (see pic)

#2. Arriving in Kansas and my mom had arranged with the Children's Mercy Hospital there for us to bring gifts there as well. I was so moved as I watched each of my nephews, and niece, and Caroline as they handed the woman the gifts they had chosen and would honestly have loved to take home for themselves. I walked out of this hospital again moved and thankful that we weren't there this year, and thankful my boy is healthy.

#3. Last night in Kansas. Adult only dinner, crab legs, shrimp, and good wine. Great conversation. My dad asking each of us what we wanted them to pray for us for the year. I loved that both Jason and I without talking about it before hand said that we would make our marriage a purposeful priority this year! Oh what fun it is to be like minded.

Those are my top 3 highlights from the holiday. I am so thankful for family. Thankful I didn't have to do the puke, snot and coughing alone. Thankful for road trips. Thankful for a husband that takes me back home and loves it too. Thankful for Christmas snow. Thankful for Christ. Thankful for a healthy new nephew born on New Years Eve (Jeff and Edi had Caleb - son #2). Thankful!