Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When did it happen?

Somewhere in the night between Monday and Tuesday - Caroline grew up. I think as a parent you aren't sure when it is going to happen, and all of a sudden it does and you think - "wow, okay, you just grew up between now and yesterday."
Explanation: one funny/amusing one thank you Lord...

Monday as we were doing laundry as we do every Monday she manages to grab one of my bra's (sorry fellas) and puts it on her back and says, "Look mom I've got my backpack on. I am ready for school." Hilarious. We have been talking a ton about why the school bus is coming in our neighborhood, and we've been talking about our "school time" starting back up Thursday (tomorrow) which she is thrilled about.
The next thing was Tuesday she decided she wanted to totally dress herself, 3x that day, everything, with a little coaching - but wow! Play clothes in the am, then swim diaper and swim suit, then back into play clothes adding in some leg warmers for the evening...but last night is what took the cake. We've done the bath and now it's time to go into her room, get on "night time panties" aka pull-ups, and her jammies...she wants to do it all herself...then the bed time ritual continued to be her own...not mine. Usually we hold her, sing some songs, say prayers, and have her say her verse, then tuck in bed...last night she informed us that she didn't want us to hold her or sing w/ her...she wanted to do it herself. And she did...she sang the regulars - Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, Away in a Manger (she swayed the whole time), then we asked her if she wanted to pray by herself or if she wanted us to pray w/ her..she wanted to pray...and she did..."Jesus thank you for (and you name it) Daddy's North Carolina Shirt, mommies brown hair, my bedroom, Wyatt's bedroom, Zeke and Zoey etc etc etc. She said Amen. Then we asked her to say her verse which she rattled off...then climbed into her own bed, pulled up the covers said "I love you" and thankfully (for my heart) asked me to stay and sing "Raindrops on Roses".
I left the room...just totally amazed at the independence that she is expressing...the independent love for Jesus that she is showing...amazing...I love watching this kid! I love being her mom!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kansas Fun

So there is much to show of what's happened over the last month. I will put some highlight pics up - and some blurb highlights...

* Wyatt came off Prevacid for a week, started throwing up again so is back on until next Doc check up
* We went to KC from Aug 5-15 for my gma's 90th bday!
*KC highlights (not limited to) gma bday party; getting toes done with my niece, sis-in-law, mom, and daughter for the first time; alone time w/ my niece doing make-overs; going to Great Wolfe Lodge complete w/ indoor water park; watching Caroline go down big water slide w/ my dad; Wyatt got sick w/ 102 fever (not a great highlight, but one none the less); going swimming in the pond w/ my kids that I grew up swimming in (weird but wonderful); a 4 hour dinner out on the back porch w/ my parents, Darren and Teri, and Jason complete w/ shooting stars; 2.5 hour dinner w/ Darren and Teri where we just told the waiter to have the chef choose our meal...incredible; watching Caroline play w/ Mac Henry; seeing the fog roll in across the pasture; Jason getting an incredible call about a job opportunity while we were out there; continually loving the home where I grew up...realizing I may never live there again...

That last sentence is where my heart lies these days...I have now lived in Atlanta for 8 years. I came here Aug.1,2001...I truly never thought I'd be here this long, and have been almost awaiting the Lords voice of saying - "now go Home"...but I think the Lord is asking me to begin to emotionally call Atlanta home. Whenever I say the words home I am usually referring to Kansas...but after this last trip home, I have realized that I believe I am holding back my heart from Atlanta. I do love living here...but I think have always thought the Lord would take me back...home...but I think he's asking me to call Atlanta is hard to even type those words...perhaps w/ saying it my heart will follow. I may just be one of those people that when asked "where are you from"...I will be able to say "Atlanta" and not have a pit in my stomach.

So that's where I am right now...Wyatt said "Mamma" on Sunday...amazing...truly!

Enjoy the pics.