Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Dedication

What a great day today was! Today we dedicated before the Lord that we will do our best to raise Caroline in such a way that we pray she falls in love with the Lord. That we dedicate to do our part, to set her up, hopefully, to hear the Holy Spirit. We gathered w/ Jason's parents, and brother Justin and our dear friend Wendy Henderson and kids Jesse and Cole this afternoon. Our Church has changed the format of baby D so that it really falls more on an afternoon of parents sharing our vision if you will for our household. We had a time of prayer over us and Caroline, a time of sharing our vision, and a time to listen to wise words from a speaker, John Woodall, who is our dear friend and mentor.
For our family who was unable to be with us because miles separate are our values and habits we believe the Lord would have us teach Caroline.

Values: Respect, Honesty, Obedience, Self-Control, Discipline
Habits: Family Time (dinner time, and family outings)
Family Prayer

We pray that the Lord will work through Jason and me to instill these things within our child, so that even when she is with you all she will exhibit these qualities! Thank you Lord for this most amazing gift and journey of parenthood. We love our job!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Fun pics of our girl in her Easter blue and white searsucker dress!
Honestly, the whole day yesterday felt a bit off for me. I told Jason I didn't feel like I did a good job of preparing my heart for what yesterday was to entail. In a previous life (single, no kids) I used to fast over the weekend, or I would spend Holy week reading the 4 different gospel accounts of what happened to Christ, yet I have found myself absorbed and excited over my daughter wearing her new dress, and my fun new top...instead of amazed at the King and His decision to DIE for ME! So I sadly admit here for all the world, that it is easy, so easy to take for granted what Christ did for us. So with a heavy sigh...the day was great. Church was awesome, I have in-laws who love me and our daughter, it seems trite to even say those things compared to His death.
Does thank you Lord even suffice?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1 Year Doc Apt

Just a little blurb to let you know what a giant of a daughter I have! He HE He!

Caroline did great with 3 shots and a finger prick! The finger prick was to see that she has enough iron b/c she is coming off of formula now. Well, she is a bit on the low side so he wants us to give her a liquid mulit-vitamin from over the counter...but oh no...not this natural momma. I called my mom, and we are getting some liquid vita-lea that Shaklee sells, and she had me get this nasty stuff from the grocery store that she said she gave my bro and I for the's like a nasty liver pate that you spread on crackers...sadly Caroline ate it up!

Now for the stats:
Weight: 19 lb 8 oz (25%) (so he said wait about one more month and we can turn her car seat around)
Length: 30.5 inches (90%) he wasn't sure this was correct b/c she jumped so much...but oh well

I know a giant right!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Your First Year

My Dearest Caroline- One year ago today we met face to face. How our lives have been changed by you! Your daddy and I are so thankful that the Lord asked us to raise you. I have thought about what today would fee like for quite awhile. It is actually a bit sureal that you have been here a whole year! As I reflect back on those moments that were so painful before you came... I was singing to you, and talking to you when I could catch my breath. I was full of prayer for your safe delivery, and then you came, but still had to be looked over for quite awhile in the transition nursery. Then about 7 hours later, you came to our room to stay. We put you in your UNC outfit b/c the Tar Heels played that night and you had to cheer w/ your daddy. We came home from the hospital on my birthday, and it was the best present ever.
So much happened your first year: 6 round trip plane rides; 3 long car rides to work at camp; lots of dirty diapers; lots of hours spent nursing-painful, difficult hours; lots of playtime outside; 1 ear infection; 1 stomach bug, 8 teeth; learning how to sleep through the night, hold your head up, roll over, sit up, crawl, and now you are so close to walking.
I would say if I could sum your year into one word (and know that just one word for your mom is difficult) it would be JOY!! Not only joy in being your momma,but my dear I do believe you have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in JOY! Most that meet you say that very thing.
As we have just tucked you into your bed on the evening of your 1st birthday, I am thankful for the hours you coming into my life have caused me to spend with Jesus! Caroline, I love you!
Happy Birthday!


more bday pics

It ain't Easy Bein' Green

Here are some pics from Caroline's bday party on Saturday. All things were green! She did AWESOME. I had prepared that she might have a meltdown somewhere during the day, and she didn't. Even when we were all pulling out the Christmas Decorations from under our stairs so we could go to "safety" during the tornado warnings! Drama...did anyone question a Hodges party without that? These pics will help you see her day!
I'll post more on my musings of this first year. Hopefully we'll have some video footage up later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Lion

Here it is. The lion. We gave Caroline an early birthday present. It's so much fun watching her run into the walls and furniture. The best part is she hasn't grasped the idea of turning the lion around. So she will wait, sit down and suck her fingers till Alli or I will come and help her. We have a very patient child. Not! She is very cute! Check out little Zeke walking with her. He is also very cute and full grown now. Enjoy.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Girl...another pic

To lick or not to lick

Some fun action shots of my girl licking furniture! Also...when did she start looking like a little girl and not a baby? Holy cow!

Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia

I have been following the story of Nate, Tricia, and little Gwenyth ( now since she was born...or maybe it was a couple of days before. I find myself praying for them, for wisdom with all the medical decisions they must make, laughter, and endurance throughout the day, and I have never met them, and actually probably won't ever.
So this blog is for Tricia.
Tricia I pray you are able to experience this to it's fullest someday when you are tucked at home w/ your man and baby girl!

1. having to ask your husband to make the decision on whether or not you let the baby cry, b/c you've just had to make too many decisions about that during the day.
2. belly laughter
3. peak-a-boo
4. watching her do "laps" in the bathtub at night
5. watching her give kisses to her daddy and deny you those same sweet kisses
6. in turn, when she is ready, getting a full open mouth slobber kiss
7. waking up at 4 am 4 nights in a row only to figure out that if you just would change the diaper before you go to bed you wouldn't have to wake up at 4am to change the soaking diaper and clothes
8. praying over her crib while she sleeps
9. picking her up and rocking her in the middle of the night
10. watching her experience raspberries for the first time
11. seeing the concentration that it takes just to sit up...a skill I didn't know took so much effort
12. watching the love of your life (for me Jason) love on the love that's taken your heart

These are just a few Tricia! God bless you!

Rookie Move #2

Okay so I have had several rookie moments through this first year...but feel for sure like this one needs documenting..perhaps only to help myself laugh at it.

I have heard other parents talk about Daylight Savings and how it screws things up for a bit...but I honestly thought we would have no trouble with this. I mean, Caroline is a champion sleeper, and she has switched schedules great when we have go to and fro from KC (which is an hour difference)...but alas...last night it happened.
I think I just didn't think through me having the babysitter put her down at the "normal" time which is 7pm would be a problem...(see we are at small grp on Sunday nights)...when we returned home around 7:20 the girl was awake...babysitter left, we went upstairs for the ritual singing and prayer time, put her down and she LOST it! Holy cow...she hasn't cried like that at bedtime since she was an infant! Ahhhhh!!! She didn't fall asleep until 8:30ish and still for the next 45 min I heard in the monitor those little remnant gasps from when you've cried so hard...ladies you know what I'm talking about...

Soooo anyhoo that is my most recent rookie I get to still have these when she is 13...I mean I"ll be a rookie at that age since she is our first!

Those are my musings for the day!

Side note: my husband rocks! He totally challenged me last night w/ this. I beat myself up oh so good when something doesn't go "right". He looked at me last night and said "Babe we are going to make mistakes in parenting, and if you get this way over just not thinking through daylight savings your are going to have a long life!"

Holy cow he is so right! Thanks honey for challenging me!

In case you were wondering .... I Love my job!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Rookie Move

Okay...just a quick little note that might help out other first timers out there....I made a rookie move on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and the girl had taken her shoes and socks off ...I set her down to crawl (on the pavement) she had pants on so didn't really think any thing of it. Got her up from her nap later that afternoon set her down to crawl and she started crying. When I took a closer look...oh the poor thing had the tops of her feet all scratched up from crawling on the pavement! So...all that to say...I just didn't think of the tops of her feet getting scratched up. Now some topical ointment (don't ya love that word) is making the little scrapes heal!

I'll try to get some new pics today of her walking w/ her little walker toy thingy...she got an early bday present. She isn't walking alone yet, but loves to cruise behind this toy.