Tuesday, July 21, 2009


July has been crazy and fast! How is it already the end?
We left for the beach on July 5th and were there until the 11th. Then I left w/ the kids and Jason's mom for Camp Kid Jam up at Wake Forest from July 13-20th. Jason came up there for a few days after his mom left. It has been crazy busy.
For updates...Wyatt is not puking anymore. He was still doing it at the beach, but decided to stop eating his solid food anymore and would only take a bottle. So I called the doc w/ this new symptom and he put him on Prevacid. This did wonders. Within about 36 hours he wasn't throwing up and was interested in trying solid food again. Thank you Lord!
The beach was GREAT! Love being in the water...it was a weird trip w/ the weather this time. Lot's of crazy windy storms would blow in - they usually do this in Florida in the summer but in previous years it always seemed like it was around 3pm...but this time it was around 12:30 most days so we hadn't been out there very long when the storms would come and we'd have to get all the kids inside...then down for naps by the time it would blow over! We still had a wonderful time. One of my high lights was a double date we got to take w/ Jeff and Edi! Dinner and putt putt golf. Man it's been awhile since I've done that. We had a blast!
Next we were off to CKJ. This was also a great week...exhausting, but worth it. My kids are over it though. They are so glad we are home...me too!

I will say the last 2.5 weeks have put a damper on the potty training. I think w/ all the swim diapers and pull ups used while at camp...she has forgotten about "sensing" when she needs to go!! AHHHH!! So frustrating when she had it down sooo good! I know she can do it...now it's just staying with it!

Enjoy the pics!

Wyatt is 7.5 months old by the way...sucking on his toes, developing a wonderful personality, laughing, and snuggling! I love this age!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

At a loss!

My dear sweet Wyatt. I don't know how to help you!
Wyatt has been projectile vomiting for the past #16 days 1-2-3x a day. Usually at meal time about 1/2 way through...he'll throw up it all...then eat the rest and usually keep it down. It doesn't seem to matter if he's had his bottle yet, what kind of veggies/fruit he is eating, if he burps or not, if he's sitting up straight or reclined...the only thing that separates is he has never thrown up after breakfast. Breakfast is the only meal I am still nursing at...is that the difference-my breast milk? I don't think I have any to go back to nursing at lunch and dinner...I barely have any in the morning any more...I've switched to different formulas...we've gone w/o formula for a day...I've taken him to the doctor - they aren't worried b/c he was still gaining weight...and he is so stinkin' happy...right before and right after he is usually happy...as he was puking in the car on the way home tonight he looked at me and smiled...what is that?
I do not know how to help him or make it stop. We have purchased the "PB" (puke bucket) to have with us at all times to catch the puke...seriously?!!! I am sad, perplexed, nervous to go out...wanting to cancel our vacation and my working at Camp Kid Jam b/c I don't know how you deal w/ this much puke on the road...ahhhhhh!
Heal him Lord! Give me creativity to know how to help him...fill me back up w/ milk if that's what he needs!

You love him more than I do. Like we pray every night when we lay our kids down..."Lord, meet his needs when I can't."