Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, honestly I think most little girls at some point in their life have a sailor dress...Caroline is no different. She was given this darling dress when she was born, and I just could never imagine her big enough to wear it. We brought it out this past Sunday and my how she looked like a little girl.
Poor Wyatt...boys are in such a different clothing realm. It really is just man clothes shrunk down to baby clothes...

Enjoy our little sailor.


A few fun action shots of our girl helping daddy water the grass on Saturday mornings!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Caroline Dale in action

There have been so many moments over the last several months where I have thought "Oh I need to blog about that." and then lo and behold, I can't seem to remember what the life changing thought was to document. Blame it on the prego brain I guess.

I will say, I am holding close to my heart my last few months with it just being Caroline and I at home. There have been several story times before naps that look like this, story, songs, rocking and tears...I just look at that little face of hers and can't seem to contain the joy of being her mom. Jason says I live in a movie sometimes...and sadly he is oh so right. I watch her play and think of those movies where the kid is going off to college or getting married and the parent has that flash back moment in their mind to when they were toddlers (ie:Father of the Bride when Annie is coming down the stairs)...I seem to have those moments often these days.
I love watching her express her opinion. I have been convicted that if we really are wanting first time obedience from our children, then it should be on the first time-not the 3rd or 4th time. So I am trying to differentiate between disobedience, being a kid...and just testing her limits. I had a conversation w/ my mom about a week ago (those are so good for me), and we were discussing this idea. Then mom said, there are going to be those times Allison that you hope Caroline is defiant, and opinionated. When the other kids want her to get in the car with them after they've been drinking. Well, I just totally lost it and amidst the tears said "Oh I hope so!" I am a wreck for my kid!

Side note: Caroline's brother now has a name. Wyatt Christopher. The "W" in his first name is in honor of my gpa that passed this past January. His name was Wilbur...and we just couldn't do that to him. The Christopher is in honor of my best friend from growing up...he sang in our wedding-Chris DeTray!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well there are firsts in Caroline's life that are worth documenting...and one of those would be the first ponytail...check out the pics!

Hope Visits

There are those friends in your life that you don't get to see very often, but who impact your life even from afar. I have a dear friend from my Kanakuk days named Hope. She and I would walk every day after work, we would eat dinner together...she and her hubby Keith would pray for my future mate when we would eat dinner. Hope and I always used to say that someday we would go walking with our babies...well they moved to Colorado, and I to Atlanta and we've never had the opportunity to go walking w/ our babies! Well, a couple days after mom left Hope and her youngest, Bo, were able to come and stay with us for a couple of days...and we got to go walking w/ our babies! What a treasure that visit was to me. Jason would just walk by us saying we looked like a couple of high school girls sitting cross legged on the couch laughing and talking! Thank you Lord for sweet visits w/ friends who shape our lives! We love you Hope!

Grammy visits

Well it has been a busy house here at the Hodges casa! My mom, aka Grammy came to visit from the 22nd-29th and we had such a blast! I loved watching Caroline run towards mom, watch her delight in pool time w/ her...watching mom rock Caroline at night, hearing her sing to was GREAT!
Thanks mom for the continued encouragement in being a parent, prayers, loving on our family, and making the financial sacrifice to get all the way here! We love you!