Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things happening

I can't believe it has been since her birthday that I have posted. April was a busy month. We had Easter, a wedding in TN, a death in the family and went back to KC, pink eye for Wyatt, Caroline and myself, stomach bug for all of us...April was busy. Also in April Wyatt got his first haircut, he began totally walking all on his own - even the ability to stand on his own when he falls down so he can keep walking - walking is now the preferred mode of transport. Caroline is into talking about "body parts" - enough said. :) We are learning that those are private conversations - not ones necessarily meant for the Greenway or the halls at North Point. Caroline is also into using phrases like "Mommy you misspoke." "I made a mistake." "Hey silly boy." "How does Jesus go potty." Hmmmm all the questions a sweet 3 year old should ask.

Tonight I am sad for little Wyatt. He has had a temp for 4 days (high 101-103), doc said there is a virus going around with high temp for 4-5 tomorrow is day #5. He is eating like a champ though so I am thankful for that. He and I are sharing round 2 of pink eye...I hate feeling like this. Like I can't quite get the germs out of the house so we can all be healthy...I know that this is normal...but it still stinks. I hear him cough in the monitor and know that honestly there isn't really anything I can do. It's like how I pray each night when I lay the kids down, "Lord meet their needs when I can't." Tonight Lord, comfort him sleep...restore his little body.