Friday, February 26, 2010

Wyatt's Walking

Well...he took 3 steps today. This has been a week of major development for him. It seems like to me anyway. We came back from a week in Kansas and he seems like such a big boy. I feel like that always happened with Caroline too...after she had been with her cousins for a significant amount of time she came back more confident verbally and with motor skills. So WC came back and has been able to climb on the couch and chairs by himself and get which he is very proud of himself. Today he took 3 steps...and verbally oh my is the run down of words (oh yeah he is only 14 months)
sign language: more, please, all done, fish, butterfly, elephant, bye bye
spoken: momma, daddy, ball, cracker, ah do (all done), no, shh (shoes) sss (socks), car, he has two stuffed animal blanket things he sleep with and he quacks for the duck and says ruff fuff for the dog

It is just so much fun to watch him grow and develop! I love watching he and Caroline play, become friends, kiss on each other!
We are in a really fun season of life. I love what I get to do every day.

Okay, enough blabbing from the proud momma!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Asking for Forgiveness

Somehow time slips away from has it been almost a month since I posted. Time goes so fast with two little ones...I try to tuck those fun, sweet moments away in my head...but I do know that someday I won't be able to remember what it felt like to actually hold them in my arms...

This week I had a great reminder in the importance of forgiveness and that it is something that is taught. I don't think it is in our nature to ask for forgiveness, nor necessarily want to do so. Jason and I were both gone and we had a babysitter for the kiddos. Caroline was in a bit of a dramatic mode and ended up (long story short) being disobedient and disrespectful to her. I was so proud of the way that our sitter handled the situation - she tried time out and then when CDH kicked her -what? - she took away her little TV time before bedtime. The next morning I asked CDH about the instance and she immediately had a quiver lip, and tears streaming down her face. I asked her if she thought we should call Miss Kelsey to ask for forgiveness and she said NO. I let it go for a little bit, but after talking with my mom she said I really needed to have her call even if she couldn't say the words to her, she needed to hear mommy say that we are so thankful for her, and then to ask her to forgive Caroline for her behavior. Also, I needed to have CDH ask Wyatt for forgiveness b/c the whole thing started with her taking a toy from him the night before. I had her do that and she was totally compliant to ask WCH for forgiveness. Then when she and I went to the couch and called Kelsey - she just couldn't say the words - so I did for was a good teaching moment that even if you don't want to ask for forgiveness, that's what Jesus would have us do. I told her that I have to ask others for forgiveness sometimes too...and that it is still hard for mommy. It was a great morning of learning for both of us.

Wyatt is doing GREAT. He will be 14 months tomorrow! That is incredible. We found out we were prego with him when Caroline was this old...oh my! He will walk holding your hands, but prefers the speed of crawling still. He likes to follow me around saying "mama" at the top of his lungs...he signs "all done, please, thank you, more, bye bye" and he will actually say daddy, momma, bye bye, bubble, and he quacks like a duck whenever he sees one. He is a delight, growing into his little personality.

If I haven't mentioned it in a little while I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE being home with them. Enjoy the latest pics of our girl in her dress up wedding dress and veil, and Wyatt cute laughter.