Monday, March 30, 2009

Hug 'em while you can

The other night I went in and picked Wyatt up out of his crib and just held him and cried. He won't be small forever - there is a joy in knowing that - but an honest sadness too. I remember thinking that I didn't take opportunities to hold Caroline while she was sleeping enough when she was little...I'm trying to do this w/ Wyatt. As I was holding him , I was just struck again with this awesomeness of his miracle birth. That knot in the cord still gets me. He shouldn't be as perfect as he is...
Now skip ahead to a little conversation the Lord and I had one night. I'm standing there at the counter checking my blood sugar before I go to bed and I just say "I hate this Lord. I hate being diabetic." I don't (or try not to) complain about this aspect of my life, I honestly don't give it much thought other than taking care of myself most of the time - and I sure don't ask this next question that much either - but the other night I found myself asking the Lord "Why"...Why did I have this - what is HIS purpose in it. I want to make sure that I don't miss what He wants to teach me about Him through being diabetic. So then fast forward to me holding Wyatt in the night and being so amazed at his safe birth and delivery despite that knot in the cord. I realized that if I am diabetic only for the reason that when I am prego I got to the doc every week in the end for a sonogram. Non-high risk pregnancies do not do this. When I was there we discovered my low fluid level so they induced right away. They attribute the low fluid to the knot in his cord...we never would have seen the low fluid...until maybe it was too late if I wasn't diabetic. So Lord, if you have allowed me to be diabetic for the purpose of Wyatt's birth...then so be it!
He will be 4 months this coming Sunday. She is two and wanting to sit on the potty...tomorrow she will be dating, and he will be horrified at my kisses...
So I will hold him today, and kiss on her today!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swingset & Sandbox

So this is the swingset we were able to get for FREE for Caroline. Then Jason and I had an idea to make a sandbox underneath the tower...Jason finished it last night, wrote "Love Dad" in the sand and Caroline found it this morning! So fun!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to our little girl!!!

Caroline's big day was Tuesday! She is ALL TWO! She is wanting to do things by herself - is very needy of of mom these days - her verbal skills are so fun to watch. She is into prepositions...Caroline is in not out. Mommy is downstairs not upstairs...etc. We are excited about the amazing swing set that the Payne's gave us b/c their girls have outgrown it! Caroline loves to swing and is usually one of the first things she talks about during the day! Enjoy pics from her day on Tuesday! And yes...those are green waffles for breakfast (gotta love a bday on St. Patricks Day)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wyatt 3 Months

Sorry no post recently. Wyatt turned 3 months while we were in KC last week. Here are a few shots of us there in Kansas. The big fam picture is of my brother Darren, his wife Teri, their 4 kids (Emma Kate 9, Penner 5, Mac Henry 2, Isaac 2 weeks), Jason, me, Caroline and Wyatt! Enjoy!