Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Mercies


Dad called this morning and said he thinks mom should stay until Sunday! A new Mercy

Wyatt's diaper rash looks better...not quite as purple more just red! A new mercy

Doc has taken Wyatt off of the nebulizer treatments b/c he isn't wheezing and his lungs sound pretty good. He says that while the treatments help open the airways they can sometimes actually mess w/ the blood flow which would affect the O2 levels. A new mercy

Wyatt is sleeping on a 1/2 liter and maintaining a 98% O2 level. A new mercy

New Mercies are an amazing thing!

Keeping the Vigil

That's what my mom calls it...keeping the vigil. So it is 5:27am and Wyatt is finally asleep. For those of you Baby Wisers out there this is very hard for me. I am used to letting a baby cry it out and not have sleep aides, like rocking to sleep, a passy, holding him...actually before he got sick Wyatt wasn't crying at all at night anymore - we would nurse and he would sleep sometimes up to 5 hours...then here we are at the hotel Childrens' and when my kids are sick I know it is a different game and I don't let them cry it out. Sooooooo he slept from the 9pm feeding to 12:30 when the RT came in for treatment, I nursed at 1am...and put him down to sleep....and here we are at 5:30am and he is finally sleeping - after one more feeding at 4 am and another RT treatment at 5 am...he had been on 1/2 a liter of O2 all night (I am sure only b/c he wasn't asleep) and I was right b/c as soon as he fell asleep a few min ago he began to go down in his numbers, alarms began sounding so I went and got the nurse and we've just turned his O2 back up to 1 liter.
Oh Lord for a turning point ... his bottom, his O2 levels....something.
Sometimes it is hard to not imagine that it is something much worse that is keeping us here. The doc assures me it isn' just flat out (everyone with me now) "TAKES TIME".

Because he is actually sleeping I should be too. More later as I know it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Quick update:
Wyatt still on 1 liter of O2. Did a chest xray and it is completely clear (thank you Jesus). However, they did discover that he has a fracture in his clavical...I mean really....this happened during birth but no one had detected it until the xray this hilarious that there is yet another thing??? Doc says it'll heal fast and he probably isn't in pain from!
He's got O2 blowing on his toosh as we's not worse...that is good. Doc said again today "It just takes time" I told him I was tired of hearing that...we both chuckled.
That's it for now.

Mom leaves Thursday at the crack of dawn. My heart is aching w/ her leaving. We didn't get to do all the stuff we were gonna do together. I had stuff to learn from her about doing "two"...but she did say yesterday that if there is a light from this...she said she truly feels like she "knows" Caroline. I am thankful for that b/c Caroline is worth knowing...and vice is worth knowing too.

More later.

The Dark

Night time does funny things to the mind. The dark always feels more lonely, scary, daunting...tonight no different.

Let's recap first that I finally did go to the urgent care place and indeed got me a Z-Pack! Woo hoo! So thankful for some drugs. Praying that it doesn't affect my milk supply too much. Yesterday was a very hopeful day for me. Wyatt seemed to be improving...he did a 1/2 liter of O2 all day and I was pumped about drugs. Then Jason left and things for me always seem a little harder once he leaves.

The diaper changes - oh his poor little bottom. And honestly, I don't know what more we can do to help heal it...I guess that is another thing that just takes time...
The RT came in (respiratory therapist) and as he listened to Wyatt's lungs he said that the top part of them sound real good and clear...but the bottom of his lungs were still too wet. He saw that WCH was still on a 1/2 liter and he got a little fiesty (which i like) that after 6 days he shouldn't need that much O2. So he did his deal at 9pm and said that he wanted to try a different kind of treatment and would call the doc to get it approved and we would go from there. Doc approved it. It is just a more aggressive approach to getting all the mucus out. First deep suction (tube going down his hose through nasal passage to back of throat) and they suck out gunk...then the new breathing treatment is a mask that is held onto his face and it actually uses more pressure and forces the medicine and air into the lungs. The hope is that this will force the lower part of his lungs to force out the mucus down there. I HATE WATCHING THIS BEING DONE! I hold his little arms down and try to hold his head in place while he is screaming his head off. I told Jason last night on the phone that this is so hard b/c I know he needs it...yet I also feel this pull to be his "voice" and what if I just need to say one time "ok that's enough"...Wyatt doesn't have a voice...that's my responsibility. Oh for wisdom!
In addition to that Wyatt is back up to 1 liter of O2 tonight..he just can't seem to maintain the lower levels when he is sleeping.
I am thankful that he seems to continue to nurse well...and when he doesn't have a dirty diaper he sleeps well.

I am anxious for the sun to rise. Remembering that again His mercies are new every morning and we will attack our 7th day in the hospital as best we can.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Time keeps on ticking...

Here's the latest folks.
Last night began looking like it'd be a long one. Mom stayed w/ me while Jason went home to spend the evening w/ Caroline and bathe and put her to bed! Sooooo good for them both. Mom was here w/ me and that was good for my heart. I has been here since the 4th and I have been in the hospital 13 of those days! She leaves on Thursday this week...I would love to be home at least by Wed night so we can all be home one night together before she leaves. I miss kicking her butt in the card game spit...a ritual when we get together.

So Wyatt - he stayed on 1 liter of O2 through the night - we are giving him little "sitz" baths for his bottom - we are putting O2 on his bottom several times a day - a yet another cream...silvadine (sp) is what we are going for now. Wyatt was pretty restless until about 3 am b/c of diapers, treatments, vitals etc. But then he calmed and slept until 6am. That means he fed at 12:30am and went all the way to 6 am for the next feeding...that's 5.5 hours folks! In the midst of all of this..that is honestly pretty impressive.

This morning I looked at him and said ok bud we're going to have a good day today. I am going to try not to cry as much, and you do the same. The doc came in and said he's looking good but just know that "this takes time"...I don't know how many times we've heard that...but it's the truth. We are on about day 8 or 9 of him having symptoms... we are in day 6 in the hospital...doc said it can take around 10 days to run it's course. Currently Wyatt is on 1/2 liter of O2...that is an improvement. I pray he can maintain this throughout the day and more importantly throughout the night.

In regards to symptoms are not improving. I am thinking that I have either a sinus infection or sadly the same thing as Wyatt - RSV. Adults can get it too and it is just a BAD cold...but like w/ him there will be no treatment possible...just has to run it's course. I am going to try to sneak to an urgent care facility in between feedings this afternoon and maybe get some drugs to knock this out. When have you ever hoped for a sinus infection...I am today b/c that'll mean I can get some drugs.

The docs have also told us that once we get home they are recommending that we don't venture out for at least a month...and that we are careful about people coming over as well. So just know that we will probably be ultra conservative w/ who we see, when we see you, where we see you...etc. Please don't take anything personally.

Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lords mercies are new every morning. When I sing these words to Wyatt I tear up every time. We all know these words since we were little...but somehow singing them to him makes all the more sense.

" Jesus loves me this I know. For the bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The bible tells me so."

I am thankful that is truth. More as we know it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last night Wyatt and I both got some good sleep. Thankful for that. However, today has been a hard day. He seems to be in so much pain from his bad diaper rash that it affects how he breathes. So he is bouncing around on 1 liter to a 1/2 liter of O2...can't quite find the way to soothe him. We let him air out while holding an oxygen mask to his toosh (oxygen is a healing agent) but then he pees and that stings his bottom and he freaks out which then causes the cycle to start again. So I believe that if we can get his bottom healed his breathing would improve.
Jason kicked me out w/ my mom this afternoon. Mom and I went to lunch, and then bought some new slippers. I am thankful for the fresh air...but then so glad to be back w/ Wyatt. It breaks my heart to hear him cry. Like he is right now. It's everything from the tape on his face that is irritating, to the rash on his bottom that anytime he goes he cries in the suction treatment...the only thing that he doesn't cry at is feeding...and when he can fall asleep that...

So pray that his diaper rash really heals. And that our little guy can continue to make it on 1/2 liter O2.

I am so thankful for the nurses and my constant "hey can we try this" suggestions.

Thank you for praying.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Things New

Last night I actually got about 2 different 2.5 hr stretches of sleep! Woo hoo! Wyatt went 4 hours, but after nursing he would then have his breathing treatment and suction and so we'd end up being up about 1.5 hrs...he did well for the most part. Sometimes, it was hard for him to settle back in and go to sleep. The poor little guy also has a killer diaper rash that we can't seem to get rid of. I promise you we are trying everything - even down to naked time w/ the oxygen mask blowing on his toosh. Now we are doing what we did w/ Caroline and have switched him to chlorine free diapers hoping that will make as much of a difference w/ him as it did with her.
This morning when Caroline arrived, my mom stayed w/ Wyatt and we took Caroline over to Perimeter Mall for a little adventure. It was good for me to leave the hospital and have some time w/ the boo! She made her first trip into Claire's and we got some oh so gorgeous necklaces!
Wyatt is about the same today. This process is really a slow one. The doc told us yesterday that it is a "2 steps forward 1 step back" kind of a deal. I feel like yesterday was a bit of a one step back feels the same. He is actually on .5 liter of Oxygen. I am hopeful he can drop to 1/4 liter sometime today and then tomorrow totally come off the oxygen.

I appreciate everyone's concerns w/ how I am doing. I feel like I am getting rest and honestly that the Lord is sustaining me. Providing endurance when at 2am I just don't think I can sing another refrain of Amazing Grace. But then somehow I find myself 4 more songs into the list trying to soothe Wyatt.

Here are the prayers I feel like we have for today: go to 1/4 liter Oxygen, cleared up diaper rash, my cold to go away

Thank you so much! More later as we know it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas The Day After

Hey Everyone-

We are still hanging out at The Children's Network of Atlanta. Wyatt is doing better. The doctor told us this is a 2 steps forward 1 step back process. He is still on 1 liter of oxygen but his lungs are clear. So, we are waiting on his little bracial(sp?) sacs to kick in so we can load and celebrate Christmas in Cumming! This could be in 1 day or 5 days. It is just time. Yesterday, Santa and his elves(a church group from Calhun)came to visit. John Smoltz was here as well but he saw the older kids. They brought toys for Wyatt and Caroline!!! It brought me to tears because people gave up part of their Christmas to visit kids who are not home for Christmas. I have NEVER done that and it made me realize how selfish I can be. Thanks for all the prayers, calls and text. We are trying to get some good rest this afternoon since last night the stupid alarm on the monitor went off every 2 minutes. It is a haunting feeling as a father to know that I am not in control and that our Heavenly Father is. Another thought that came to me over the last few days as well. That God loves Wyatt more than I do!!! Ponder that for a while. Anyway, this is a Merry Christmas for the Hodges based on the fact that this has caused us to slow down and think. There are a ton of people giving up their Christmas to keep our son healthy.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa comes to Childrens

Wyatt and I had a good night. He slept well and nursed well...all good things in his world. They didn't have to increase his oxygen which is another good thing. Every time before I feed I ask for the respiratory therapist to come and deep suction him (not a pretty thing, but gets the nasty mucus out of his airway (back of throat and nose) and then as needed they do a breathing treatment and then I nurse. He feeds so much better when he has the ability to breathe. Remember that newborns have no idea they can breathe through their mouth, so that is why this is such a nasty thing to have in a newborn.
At the 9am feeding they lowered his oxygen to 1/2 a liter and will try to wean him totally off over the next few hours. He has to be completely off oxygen for 24 hours before we can go home. They have also taken him off of iv fluids b/c he is nursing so well! Thankful for that. Another good thing is that so far none of the cultures are growing from his blood, urine, and spinal fluid...all blessings.
A group of Santa's elves and Santa arrived shortly after mom, dad,Jason and Caroline arrived. They are from a church in thankful for them. They had a bag of newborn toys for Wyatt, and even gave Caroline a puzzle. Makes you so thankful for people who are thinking of someone else today... I feel so selfish b/c I am really only able to think of what's happening w/ Wyatt today. I barely can think of anyone else...I actually asked mom to take Caroline home (for her nap yes) but it is honestly harder to have her here sometimes for a long time b/c I just can't...oh the tears. Don't misunderstand my tears for ungratefulness...I'm just weepy today.

So we're just chillin'

Dad has gone to the airport to get on a flight home to Kansas. Thanks for coming daddy...sorry it looked a little different than we thought.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

Is a healthy boy. Well friends we find ourselves in another health situation. Since Monday I have watched Wyatt work a little harder to breathe and it just didn't seem "normal". I was watching for a fever and decreased appetite as well but those things never showed up until this morning. Wyatt only nursed like 4 min at the 6 am feeding, and was laboring pretty hard to breathe. So we loaded him up and went to the doc (we love our pediatrician by the way). They looked him over, saw that his pulse/ox was low, hooked him up to some oxygen and a nebulizer treatment and told us that they suspected it was RSV. They concluded that it was and told us that they had called the ambulance to come and get us and take us to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. That is when I started to cry. I just didn't think we would journey in a siren blaring, traffic dodging ambulance. We arrived at noon and began to get some of the best treatment ever. They began w/ respiratory therapy, and the docs saw us right away. Wyatt had to get a catheter to check his urine for any kind of infection, they drew blood and put in an iv line, and then had to do a lumbar puncture to check his spinal fluid for any kind of infection. So far everything looks normal besides the RSV. We are now in our room (321) on Christmas eve trying to remember that there really is more to Christmas than what everyone in the world tells us.
Caroline is at home w/ my parents - totally unaware that tomorrow is Christmas. So we will celebrate when we get out on the hotel Childrens. They are saying that will probably be about 3 days.
We will update as we know more. Right now Jason and I are mentally and emotionally exhausted. Pray that the sleep I get in between feedings will feel like double the sleep as I am fighting a pretty good cold myself...but alas I am the milk supply!
I am thankful tonight for a husband who didn't hem or haw at my "intuition" this morning and was right alongside me when I said we needed to go to the doc. Thankful for a husband who helps me blow my nose while I am nursing...thankful for a daughter who is flexible and is rolling w/ the punches. Thankful for really smart doctors, Firemen, EMS, ER docs and nurses, and our accute care docs and nurses.
Thankful for a savior who came as a tiny baby remind us all that he came for us...not pretentious...just him...for us...thanks Lord! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Health Update

This is not for the weary...we actually are doing really really well despite...

Wyatt now has Caroline's runny nose and cough but the doc said that he is actually doing really well and there is not a concern w/ a newborn having a cold. He did say we need to watch for changes - mainly difficulty breathing and a fever - so those are our prayers. Side note...ummmm he likes to eat and now weighs 8 lb 14.5 oz...that's right folks...I need to go back and see how long it took Caroline to gain a pound after birth. I do know that is was longer than two weeks!

Caroline however has an ear infection. She's on antibiotics now and honestly we had a little glimmer of our joyful Caroline this was so great.

I have a slight fever today so am heading up to bed now (8:15pm) until the 10pm feeding. I am so very thankful for my mom who is helping like there is no tomorrow.

Oh yeah...did I mention Wyatt likes to eat...well he likes to sleep too and did two 5 hour stretches last night. Here's to hoping this becomes the norm...

I love my life. Even in the midst of snot, poop, umbilical cords that look nasty, antibiotics, and sudafed! We are good.

Just wanted to update those few of you who read.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our house

Well, Papa is finally here! We are so thankful for his safe arrival. Caroline has a runny nose, horrible cough, and today a slight fever (ahhhh). Wyatt now has a bit of a cough, and runny nose (ahhhh)...he still sleeps and eats well...Caroline struggling w/ the sleep part last night - I think mainly b/c she can't breathe...probably going to doc tomorrow if anything to ease my mind.

Here are some fun pics of the last week of our boy. He is growing holy cow is he growing.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holding him

So sorry that I didn't post this earlier. Our man is off the tanning bed. We went to the doc on Friday afternoon. His levels went down to 13.8 - being a week old this isn't a concern at that level so he got to come off of the bed. Side note he gained 1.5 oz since the day before (so he was 8lb. 1/2 oz almost back up to birth weight). I think it is safe to say that he is getting enough milk!

He has done really well at night, sleeping for a 4 hour stretch last night and not crying at all in between feedings! What a blessing. A schedule works! I am thankful.

Caroline continues to do fabulous w/ him. I will be honest I miss her. I know that may sound funny, but I miss her...or maybe I miss being able to just focus on her. I feel like I need to smother her w/ kisses at every chance and tell her how much I love her with every breath. She is just flat out a great kid! We are blessed. Currently she is off on an adventure w/ Jason's parents for the morning.

Life at home is good. It feels weird that it is Dec. 14 and even though I see Christmas all around me...I"m not sure it feels like Christmas. Maybe that will come.

My mom is still here (a great thing) and will be until New Years Day. Dad will be here around the 20th I think. Again, we are blessed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It was wonderful to pull into our driveway and see Caroline's expression of ultimate joy when she realized mommy and daddy were home! Melt your heart. I really had no expectations of her meeting her brother...just didn't want her to hit him...anything else would be fine. Pics are here of their meeting. Very sweet, very loving, very interested in holding her baby brother.
Wyatt did great in the night. Sleeping and eating every 3 hours. It was great. We went to the doc today to have his levels checked again...sadly they went up to 17.3...not good! So they have sent a tanning bed to the casa - hence the boy strapped into his surgical looking gown on the bed. We go back tomorrow for another lab test. As long as the number stays the same or goes down we are good...don't know really what happens if it continues to go up at this point. Please pray for our boy.

It is wonderful to be home...taking naps in my bed, watching Caroline observe her is good.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heading Home!!!!!

Wyatt just got his little snip snip!! They will observe him until after the 6 o'clock feeding then we are off to the homestead!!! So ETA @ OTB is about 8pm. Thanks for all your prayers. Now we can go home and get some rest!



We made it through the leaving and the night and are back at Northside. When we left, of course hard, and emotional. Jason, sweet Jason had chosen the song for our leaving when we got in the car and I lost it. We had a song for Caroline (obviously "Sweet Caroline") for when we left the hospital w/ her. So last night when I got in the car and he said he'd chosen a song for Wyatt and for us...I lost it. It was "Breathe on Me". The words were so perfect. Then we worshiped the rest of the way home. Singing through our tears and giving our boy into the Lords care. When we got home we unpacked, cried some more - set up the pump and set in for the night. I called at 3am and 6am to check on our boy and he had eaten 60 units at each feeding last night...that is 2 oz...holy cow! Good thing I am full w/ milk this time...I think he will be an eater!
When we arrived (after a long car drive b/c of the traffic) we found out that his levels had only slightly gone up - which is good. He is not on any lights and has been moved back into a normal little bassinet bed. He's all wrapped up sleeping peacefully. They have ordered the circumcision and I am hopeful for later today to be walking out w/ my son! We haven't heard those "official" words but all of the signs are lights, normal bed, and a circumcision...ahhhh what a great day!
Jason here...just wanted to say I never thought I would be excited about a circumcision but really look forward to one this afternoon...Wyatt's that is.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today has been a good day with out little boy. He continues to nurse well and has been fun to spend more time with him and watch his facial expressions. We have fun visitors today like: Diane Grant, Darcy Dickerson, Grammy, Caroline, and Mimi!
It was so great to have time w/ Caroline. She played on the bed with me, it was great to hear her laugh...I hadn't really heard that in days - amazing how you miss that. I cried again when she left b/c she won't be home when I go home (cross your fingers) tonight. She is off on a fun overnight at her Mimi's house tonight to then go to a tea party w/ her Mimi's friends and their will be good to all be home tomorrow.

So that brings me to Wyatt - the doc has taken him off the lights since 3pm and will let him "rebound" through the night. They do this to see how high his levels go. All do this, the key is to have it rebound into an okay range. So folks that is the prayer tonight. If his levels are around the 10 range he will get to come home tomorrow. If not, then I think we go back on the lights and go from there. The doc thinks all should be well...I am hopeful.

Pray for our leaving. I keep thinking Wyatt will be scared when we leave...but lets be honest he won't be...I might be, but shouldn't be.

Soooo here's to hoping we sleep in our bed tonight. We need to leave the hospital even if I don't want to leave my boy.

Wyatt update

Our man has been moved from the level 1 NICU to the step down up on the 7th floor! Woo hoo! It is much quieter, more private, more calming and totally less "intense".
I slept well last night after seeing Wyatt at midnight, and dealing w/ not seeing Caroline....I told my mom this morning that last night I lost it for not just my children...but also what color clothes I was wearing. Those of you who've been pregnant know that the emotions sometimes make absolutely no sense...I was a wreck about everything last is it that this morning I am so good? Weird.
Caroline is coming down for a good long visit this morning... I am so glad to see her. We are going to hit McDonalds together as a treat!
Here's to a good day! A day that I really think I'll get to go home, remain optimistic about our boy, but know he may be snoozing here one more night!

Jason wanted to add a shout out to Cliff for the reprieve from McD's and got some Chic-fil-a! Thanks Cliff!

Monday, December 8, 2008

ooops I did it again

With Brittany Spears come back happening i thought that an appropriate title...

I am NOT, I repeat NOT going home. So, I emotionally gear up to walk out the door and they walk in and say hey they want us to get your vitals one more time. They take my bp and it is through the roof. So they have me lay down, take my meds, check it 45 min later and it is lower, but still high. Soooo they call the famous Dr. Lewis and he says to stay. So they I start crying b/c this means that it is another day without seeing Caroline...Oh my gosh I am a wreck. What is this lesson of learning that my children are not mine to hold on to...they are not mine to clutch in my hand oh so very tight. There will be times when I will have to choose one over the other. There will be times when I have to choose me or Jason over them - times when I need to choose my Lord over them...oh Father...really do I have to learn these lessons in the middle of the night in the midst of post partum emotions?

So...Northside HIlton we are here for 24 more hours. A blessing to be by my boy...

Here's an oldie but a goodie:

Refiners fire. My hearts one desire. Is to be holy, set apart for you Lord. I choose to be holy ready to do your will.

Going Home

I am going home...without my little man. We have had two great nursing sessions at 3 & 6pm. We couldn't go up to the NICU at 9pm b/c of another baby having a procedure done. I have been officially I am getting ready to take my pumped milk (and for those of you who followed the Caroline milk/nursing challenge let me tell you that 3 days after birthing Wyatt I just pumped about 6 oz of milk - holy cow!) upstairs to the NICU for my man and to say good night.
I'll go home, pump through the night, probably call the NICU and check in on Wyatt, and come in at 9am to spend some time w/ him. Wyatt's levels went up so he will be under the lights intensively I am preparing my heart that he may not come home tomorrow either. I thought I'd prepared to deal w/ doing this for one day, but not for 2-3 more...but Jason looked at me and said baby you only have to know how to get to 9am tomorrow. So right. I can do that. Then, I remember my boy is sooooo healthy...the Lord has him under control...will meet his needs when I can not...

I am going to go home and get my other baby out of bed and hold her...

We'll post more tomorrow. I am good. My boy is good. It's just not how I saw this playing out. This too shall pass.

My man

What an adventure this birth has been (Allison here reporting in). I will be able to put more thoughts down when we get home I am sure - the crazy (again) delivery, the knot in the cord (if you haven't seen that I'll try to post a pic - the ob had never seen it - Wyatt was truly protected by our LORD), the NICU, my emotions, how to let Jason and I deal with this differently, watching the other babies in the NICU and being so thankful for Wyatt's health...etc etc.

But what you all truly want now is the latest update. We got to feed Wyatt at 9am, he had another successful feeding so that makes 5 in a row. He needs 8 to go home. Now that said, b/c he is under his tanning bed he will not go home today. We spoke w/ the doc and he said he isn't worried about our guy at all. They are removing the NG tube (the feeding tube that is coming out of his nose) today at noon. He is off IV fluids, none of the blood cultures have grown and he is feeding well. The only thing to deal w/ currently is the Jaundis...his levels were 15.6 (we think we remember Caroline's being higher), but they would rather deal w/ that here than us take him home and deal w/ him on the bed at home. So they've got him tanning, and hopefully his numbers will go down, they'll take him off the lights and make sure he doesn't rebound back up too high.

As for bp is still a little to high so they have started bp meds (I did this w/ Caroline too)...not sure if they will release me today or not...I believe they will, but we haven't spoken to any docs yet. My blood sugars continue to go low...which is normal b/c I was so hyped up on insulin during pregnancy that now we just have to monitor and take my dosages we're figuring that out too...and for all you men out there that are dying to milk is coming in! Woo hoo!

Here comes Caroine and Grammy so I need to scoot! More later!

Update 12.08.08 8:30am

Entering day #5 here at wonderful Northside!! Yesterday, I did not have to eat at McDonald's thanks to wonderful people who brought us pizza and drinks!!! Thanks AC & Erin, Marnie and the ESPY's. Sunny brought us chap-stick!! On a non-related Northside note, my tag renewel was due last Thursday. You think that grammy will get pulled over in my car? I can renew on-line but I need emmission first. For those of you who think I should got this done pre-baby. I tried! The emmissions place was closed...Back to Wyatt, He ate all of his food last night at 9,12,3,6!!! Allison and I skipped 12,3 because we were just exhausted. Plus nurse Julie told us that we needed to or we would pay the price later. Thanks Julie!! Wyatt has a a little jondus this morning but they have taken his IV and feeding tube out. They gave him a cool pair of sun glass(picture to come soon). Allison's BP came down last night but they have not released us yet. I hope this new Humana health insurance works!! We have to take a CPR class today so that should be fun. Guess we will find out in 30-60 days. Got to run but before I do...THANK YOU FOR YOU PRAYERS AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! WE HAVE BEEN AMAZED AT ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FOLLOWING US ON THE BLOG, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update 12.07.08 8:11pm

Hey sorry we haven't said anything today. This is what is going on. Wyatt is in the NICU and will be there until probably Tues. or later. Alli has high blood pressure and will be kept one more night for observation. Looks like we will be leaving tomorrow. Wyatt's test have come back negative, which is positive in the medical world. We are waiting for him to have 8 great feedings with a bottle or natural, then they will release him from NICU. He has only lost 2 oz since birth. So that is a good sign that things are going well. Alli is very tired and needs to rest. Thanks for the Pizza Espy's...We just had it for dinner!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good visit

I just had a great visit with Wyatt. I was able to change his diaper...he pooped on me...took 5 wipes...and feed him...drank almost the entire formula bottle - spit up on me w/ two of the burps...I felt like a mom! Thanks Lord! We will go back at midnight to do the next feeding!

Thanks to Shupediddy (Lauren Espy) she was Wyatt's first non-family visitor and first NICU visitor! Woo hoo! Great to see her!


Well it is official our little man is in the NICU. Mainly there b/c he went past the 6 hour limit that he could be in the transition nursery. The doc was great, didn't seem really alarmed, but she feels they need to watch him. His breathing is a little fast, his pulse/ox keeps wavering a bit, he will be getting IV and antibiotics. They will keep him a minimum of 48 hours - so he won't be coming home w/ us it seems - that is standard procedure to keep them the minimum of 48 hours. They think it is some kind of infection he got while being born - not much I could've done different to avoid it. Might have something to do w/ being born @ 37 weeks and to a diabetic momma. I will be able to take my milk, and hopefully nurse if his breathing is under control.
We will update as we know more. I feel confident that he is in the best care he could be - he is a big baby compared to the other little tykes in there - that is a blessing.

I guess the prayers are that it truly would be a minimum of 48 hours in the NICU - that I might be able to nurse - and that I wouldn't listen at all to the lies that satan likes to tell me that I should've done something different, or it's my fault b/c I'm know all that kind of stuff.

Just pray...I am good now...just miss my boy! We will put pics up later.

Latest on our boy

Allison here...well, Wyatt is quite a handsome young man. Although he has bruises on his little face - eyes, nose, and mouth b/c on delivery. When I went from a 5 to a 10 in 45 min he moved so fast through the birth canal that he got bruised...poor little guy.
He then went to the nursery for a little bit b/c his blood sugars were a little low. But he came to us around midnight. We then proceeded to attempt to nurse, but the little guy was soooo tired. So we tried every hour on the hour (exhausting) and then he finally nursed at 5 am for 20 min....but then got so tired he didn't do it at 8 or 9am. Then the pediatrician arrived and was checking the babies over and noticed that his lips were blue and his pulse/ox levels were 40 (they need to be above 85) so away he went to the transition nursery again. Although this little stinker brought his levels back up as soon as he got some formula...he seemed to be leveling off and was going to come back to us...but then his levels keep dipping then going back up etc. So the doc up there ordered lab work and a chest xray. We are waiting for results b/c he might have to go to the NICU b/c they can only stay in transition nursery for 6 hours.
I am not troubled. I miss my little man, but know he is in such good care. I don't believe this is totally abnormal for 37 week old, baby of a diabetic. How I wish that wasn't so. But, his lungs sound good, and his breathing seems good, and his heart sounded they are looking into it. I am thankful for that.

I am pumping and trying to rest while he isn't here...ready to get nursing under way...

Thanks for your prayers. We will keep updating.

Friday, December 5, 2008


8:25pm details to come! Everyone is fine he got a 9 on the apgar! We are doing great!! Allison is alert!! Both Grandmaw's got to see it. Wyatt Christopher Hodges weighs 8 lbs 6 oz and is 21.5 inches long. We will be in our room within the hour. Give me a call if you want to stop by!!! We will be here till Sunday.


Update 12.05.08 7:29pm

We have moved on to a 5!! At 80%. So we are seeing progress!

Update 12.05.08 4:54pm

We are at a 4!!! Slowly making it!...If you tracking with Caroline. We labored for 15.5 hours! We are now into hour 9. Allison is doing great. Wyatt is doing great!! The best news is that last time she was so "drugged up" she didn't experience Caroline's birth. This time Alli is fully aware which is awesome. We have moved on to our 3rd nurse Rachel. She is great. If you are fan of FRIENDS, remember the episode when Rachel was giving birth to Emma? She started to get frustrated because 6 ladies checked in delivered and were gone before her. That is what is happening to us. I think the count is 4 right now!


Update 12.05.08 1:54pm

Water has broken!!! We are putting all the internal monitors inside. We are at a 3. To quote nurse Karen, "You don't care who the doctor is to deliver, he could be the janitor, as long as he can get the baby out." Try that in your deep southern smoker woman voice. Again, no pictures for you because this is a PG audience...For the record, trip #2 to McDonald's. First trip, was chicken Mcnuggetts. They taste the same as they did when i was 10. Lunch was cheeseburger and fries. Please bring a chick-fil-a sandwhich is you are going to stop by.


Update 12.05.08 12:32pm

Everything is great. Allison is doing fine. We are waiting for the doctor to come back in to check her any minute. Contractions every 2 minutes, epidural is in and we are feeling good. Hopefully, I will have some thing to report. Now, I am off to find lunch.


Update 12.05.08 10:30am

For those of you who want to know. Grammy has arrived from Kansas and is on the way to the hospital. Should be here soon! We have the drugs now! So, its a party @ Northside! I think I'm going to take a nap.

Update 12.05.08 9:45am

Contraction are 2 minutes apart. We are watching the Today show. Thats all I got

Update 12.05.08 7:45am

Good morning Northside!!

I slept through the night on the nice comfortable couch. Well, enough about me. Allison slept till about 3am, The contraction started about 3:30am. Right now we have meet with Dr. Richardson to talk about the insulin pump. He showed me how to work. It is huge that Northside is letting Allisoin control with the pump instead of their own methods. Allison is going to take a shower right now, then enter the pitosin to start labor. Our great nurse Bethany has diagnosed Allison at 2 and 70% of face. Wyatt is great! Allison blood pressure is fine. We now have a new nurse named Karen. The jury is still out on if I like her or not. Here are some pictures of our castle! check by @ 9am


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update 12.04.08 11pm

We are going to bed. Allison is taking an Ambien. Next update will be at 8am. That will be an hour after they start the patosine(SP). So see ya in the morning. If news breaks out, we will break in!!


Update 12.04.08 8pm

Watching survivor with Dr. Lewis! He is great we are racing with is Black Berry and my Iphone. Don't worry MAC people we are kicking is but on web page look and feel. As well as, quickness!! Oh, Allison. She is fine talking and remembering the good old days with just one child.

Update 12.04.08

Happy Birthday Jason!!! This is an awesome bday!!...I will get to see my son!!! It will probably be a slow night. Right now, Allison is eating her dinner...It the last supper before Labor. Chicken, peas, carrott, sugar free cool-ade(yuck)!! It looks like I will be going to Mcdonals. Chicken Nuggets or Big mac or salad in a cup. I don't know. Maybe I should take a vote!! Dr. Lewis will be down in a few. BP is normal. If you don't see updates on the blog, don't worry nothing is going on. We will be getting Cervadale(which is seaweed) @ 7pm, that will be taken out at 7am. So you might not see anything here for a while, I do have a cake here. So if you want to come by feel free! just call first. No visitors after 11pm because I am sleeping.
I am also updating on twitter and facebook.
Thanks for checking,


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So they have put me on bed rest....amnio on Thursday...if his lungs are good we go Monday the 8th! Wow! That is NEXT monday! Okay just a little info to keep you excited!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Close

Well friends...we are nearing the finish line. I am 35.5 weeks pregnant, Wyatt is measuring around 37 weeks, and we are probably going to be inducing in the 37th week! That is soon, in case you were wondering. These are potential inducing dates, Dec. 8, 12, 17. The prayers now are for his size to remain smaller as opposed to larger, and for his lungs to be developed by 37 weeks so we can go early. By going early this helps to ensure that I won't have to have a c-section.
Please be praying for a safe delivery, wisdom for the doctors, that my mom would be able to get here, and that Caroline would be okay while we are away at the hospital.

We will be updating here w/ the status of going into the hospital, progress, and our sweet boys arrival. Also, Jake and I will get pics up soon of his room, and Caroline's total big girl room! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Belated Halloween Pics

Here are some fun pics of the family on Halloween. There is also a group shot of all the kids represented by the adults at the 3rd annual chili cook-off some friends of ours had! It was GREAT! Caroline went around trick-or-treating w/ the "big kids" you know the 2 year olds! Enjoy our little chicken!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Girl Bed Pictures

What you've really been waiting for.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Those moments

There are moments that you hope for as a believer. You pray that after years of walking with the Lord that we would hear his voice every now and then, that we might be quiet enough...or he be loud enough...or just that we would remember what His voice even sounds like. I had one of those moments.
Let me say first that the Lord has opened up a neat door for our family and for me personally. As most of you know that know us...or you wouldn't be reading this blog...I left KidStuf 19 months ago and honestly haven't looked back. I loved my time there, but when I felt like the Lord asked me to leave to stay at home and be a mom...I didn't think twice. Now that is not to say that I haven't missed it, but I have not wanted to go back.
I got a call 2ish weeks ago asking me to consider coming back to just Host KidStuf at Buckhead Church again...I had never thought they would ask...I had never thought I'd get to go back as an actor and not have to be there full time and in charge! What an answer to prayer this is for our family financially.
Well, to my "moment" with the Lord. Today was my first rehearsal with the new cast, on the stage I've never gotten to be on etc. I had been feeling guilty about the time that this would take me away from being a mom...and honestly it's not that much time...but I don't do anything being away is big to me. I wasn't even out of my neighborhood when I felt like the Lord was saying to me, "Allison I am giving this back to you. This is for YOU, so you might have a personal ministry." Of course I started weeping. I am most always mom or wife, and almost never just Allison. The Lord was opening up an opportunity for me to be Allison and use the way he made ME to serve HIM! What a glorious Lord we have.
I just wanted to share, that my heart is so full tonight with this opportunity. I think this will in turn help me to be a better mom. I will love my kids watching me serve in my skill set. Thank you Lord for giving this back to me when I never would have dared asked you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Big Girl Things

Wow a few things have happened in the last couple of weeks. My computer has died, that is why I haven't posted about them. Pics will come when I am able to get my pics. But I thought the news was worth reporting in on.

#1: Caroline began taking naps in her big girl bed in her room last week. She is doing GREAT. I put the bed up in her room for a week for her to get used to, we read books, and played "night night" on it. Then when I got the guard rails from a friend (thanks Jen) we took the plunge! I love it! She loves it! We will move her to sleeping in it at night in November (that is soon) so that we have about 4-6 weeks of getting used to it before Wyatt comes.

#2: Caroline has been talking about the potty a TON lately. One day I asked her if she wanted to go, she said yes, and (well, I did cheat as I could "tell" she was needing to go) so we went in there and she totally went #2 on the potty! She thought it was great. We will sit there before nap time or bath time...just to be familiar ya know!

Anyway, those are our updates. I will put pics of her in her big girl bed up soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Proper Use of Word

Okay - so funny moment that began yesterday at lunch time...Caroline walked over to her high chair and instead of say "eat eat"...she said hors d'oeuvres.

Hilarious. She has been saying it since when she is ready to eat and wants the "first course" I love it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love going home...Jason, Caroline and I went for our last trip home before Wyatt is born (which is soon by the way- about 10 weeks). I loved going up the hill to my brothers house for home school w/ his kids. We had bible study first each fun to watch Caroline carry her little bible in each day -so fun to hear my nephew pray for a friend w/ cancer, and to hear my niece pray for Wyatt and their little brother coming in March.
I loved watching Jason work in my parents yard - totally because he wanted to and loves my parents and knows they could use the help.
I loved that mom is retired from teaching now and was home all week.
I loved going on a double date w/ my bro and sis-in-law we haven't done that in over 2 years.

Here are some highlight pics from our trip home!

Friday, September 26, 2008

4 Years

I am so very thankful that as I woke up today the man beside me is Jason Hodges. Four years ago yesterday we were married. So for 4 years I have been able to wake up w/ him beside me. I am so very thankful. As I watched our rehearsal dinner video again it was so good to hear our premarried words talk about why we were marrying one another and what we wanted to take from our parents marriage into our own. Then as I watched our wedding ceremony - tears -of course - I heard Reggie share words that penetrated to my heart again. His challenge to me was that Jason would be my ministry. That I would use the gifts God has given me to pour out onto my husband. What a great reminder of that...Jason is my ministry.
I am thankful for a healthy marriage - a partnership - a covenant, not a contract...I am thankful we trust, we laugh, and we love! I am thankful it is Jason the Lord has given me...and Caroline...and Wyatt!

I love you Jake!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

18 Months - So Fast

Dearest Caroline - Today you are 18 months - a year and a half!! You have invaded our hearts. You surprise my day. Teaching you how to pray brings me delight - you are my first born - my darling daughter - flesh of my flesh - and yet not mine at all! Thank you for all that you are letting the Lord teach me through you. To delight in the everyday...nothing is mundane! To relish a good bite of food w/ an "mmmmm", that squealing is totally appropriate, and that saying a word over and over b/c you like the sound of it must delight the Lord b/c he gave us sound!
Today you had your 18 month check up w/ Dr. Cox - you're a giant as always: 33 5/8 inches long (90%), and 22.2 lb (25%)! You are hitting all the milestone developmental things you should - a Dr. Cox loves that you like to eat your veggies frozen! Today though you've had 103 degree fever, so you've been a bit must not feel good my love b/c you've cried most of the afternoon/evening and that isn't your general disposition. It made mommy and daddy very thankful that you are in general a very healthy little girl! Thank you Lord!

I love you sweet Caroline - and just wanted you to know that today, Sept. 17, 2008 I love you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tip Toes

A fun little new fact about our girl...she prances on her tip toes and raises her hands in the air as she does it! So precious, and my oh my it seems so grown up.
She has added new words each day it seems like...the recent ones are: all gone, horse, suzie
combining words: bye bye daddy
and signing: moon


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fairy Dust

Just some fun pics from the last couple of weeks of our girl in her little fairy accessories that a friend made, and her at the piano loving the music!

Just to inform, little Wyatt is doing great! We've had some extensive sonograms at the specialist (totally normal to do this for me) and they've all come back normal! Thank you Lord! I am 24 weeks now - that is amazing and actually I feel GREAT!

Caroline is quite the little girl. She is finally saying "mommy" when she sees me as opposed to when she would only say my name when she was sad or hurt! It melts my heart! Here are some other words she is saying - we need to get them on camera so you can hear her sweet voice say the words!

Daddy, Mommy, Doggie, Baby, Bus, Apple, Bible, Jesus, Shoes, Cheese, Ball, Book, Read, Help, Car, Cow, Peas, Mimi, Pops, Papa, Water (WaWee), Eye, Ears, hi, bye-bye, tree, house, yes, no, rain, elbow, hors d'oeuvres (I know hilarious)
there may be more but that's what I can remember now: she signs: more, please, all done, thank you, book ,help, butterfly, airplane

I love being her mom!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, honestly I think most little girls at some point in their life have a sailor dress...Caroline is no different. She was given this darling dress when she was born, and I just could never imagine her big enough to wear it. We brought it out this past Sunday and my how she looked like a little girl.
Poor Wyatt...boys are in such a different clothing realm. It really is just man clothes shrunk down to baby clothes...

Enjoy our little sailor.


A few fun action shots of our girl helping daddy water the grass on Saturday mornings!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Caroline Dale in action

There have been so many moments over the last several months where I have thought "Oh I need to blog about that." and then lo and behold, I can't seem to remember what the life changing thought was to document. Blame it on the prego brain I guess.

I will say, I am holding close to my heart my last few months with it just being Caroline and I at home. There have been several story times before naps that look like this, story, songs, rocking and tears...I just look at that little face of hers and can't seem to contain the joy of being her mom. Jason says I live in a movie sometimes...and sadly he is oh so right. I watch her play and think of those movies where the kid is going off to college or getting married and the parent has that flash back moment in their mind to when they were toddlers (ie:Father of the Bride when Annie is coming down the stairs)...I seem to have those moments often these days.
I love watching her express her opinion. I have been convicted that if we really are wanting first time obedience from our children, then it should be on the first time-not the 3rd or 4th time. So I am trying to differentiate between disobedience, being a kid...and just testing her limits. I had a conversation w/ my mom about a week ago (those are so good for me), and we were discussing this idea. Then mom said, there are going to be those times Allison that you hope Caroline is defiant, and opinionated. When the other kids want her to get in the car with them after they've been drinking. Well, I just totally lost it and amidst the tears said "Oh I hope so!" I am a wreck for my kid!

Side note: Caroline's brother now has a name. Wyatt Christopher. The "W" in his first name is in honor of my gpa that passed this past January. His name was Wilbur...and we just couldn't do that to him. The Christopher is in honor of my best friend from growing up...he sang in our wedding-Chris DeTray!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well there are firsts in Caroline's life that are worth documenting...and one of those would be the first ponytail...check out the pics!

Hope Visits

There are those friends in your life that you don't get to see very often, but who impact your life even from afar. I have a dear friend from my Kanakuk days named Hope. She and I would walk every day after work, we would eat dinner together...she and her hubby Keith would pray for my future mate when we would eat dinner. Hope and I always used to say that someday we would go walking with our babies...well they moved to Colorado, and I to Atlanta and we've never had the opportunity to go walking w/ our babies! Well, a couple days after mom left Hope and her youngest, Bo, were able to come and stay with us for a couple of days...and we got to go walking w/ our babies! What a treasure that visit was to me. Jason would just walk by us saying we looked like a couple of high school girls sitting cross legged on the couch laughing and talking! Thank you Lord for sweet visits w/ friends who shape our lives! We love you Hope!

Grammy visits

Well it has been a busy house here at the Hodges casa! My mom, aka Grammy came to visit from the 22nd-29th and we had such a blast! I loved watching Caroline run towards mom, watch her delight in pool time w/ her...watching mom rock Caroline at night, hearing her sing to was GREAT!
Thanks mom for the continued encouragement in being a parent, prayers, loving on our family, and making the financial sacrifice to get all the way here! We love you!

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's A....

Boy!!! We are thrilled that this little one is a boy! Also, everything looked good otherwise w/ my diabetes. There were no defects from my issues so we are very thankful tonight that this little one appears healthy! Thank you Lord. It is a little weird to be thinking blue and not pink...
We stopped in Babies-R-Us to get the going home outfit for this little guy and immediately I'm looking at the pink b/c that is where my eye has gone for so long...but we found a darling little outfit for our boy...We don't know the name yet, but will share when we do!
Our hearts are thankful tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Well we just got word that we have an apt for this Friday at the Maternal Fetal Specialists for our first ultrasound! We will get to find out the sex of the baby! I can't believe it's already time to know! We will post and let everyone know what the flavor this time around will be. Our apt. is @ 3pm...also please be praying that all looks good esp w/ being high risk. Thank you! We covet your prayers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What the Hodges Do on Saturday

Since there is a water restriction in Forsyth county. We water on Saturday mornings by hand. Caroline decided this would be a great time to get wet. Enjoy!! The dress to start off was at her tummy.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Oh faithful blog readers...sorry for the delay in updates! We have just returned from our family vacation with Jason's family at Daytona Beach Shores, FL. We had a great time with his parents, middle bro-wife-and nephew! It was awesome! Here are some highlights of the trip:

1. Caroline is fearless in the ocean and the pool. She just walked straight towards the water, loves drinking the water-salt or chlorine (yuck)
2. Caroline swims...she puts her face in the water, she learned to jump off the side of the pool...she is full of courage-I love it!
3. Caroline is flexible-she slept in the same room as us-in a little makeshift fort so she couldn't see us and did awesome
4. Dinner out w/ Jeff and Edi was a total highlight-thanks Mimi and Pops for baby-sitting
5. Caroline travels well at 3 am! We left from ATL and FL at 3:30am both times...she did GREAT!

Enjoy the pics and video.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

15 month Stats

Well, the pics you'll see are from Caroline helping Jason water the plants outside while still in her jammies! She decided to first put a stick in the water hose...then an arm...then her whole body! This was at about 7:15 am one morning...she was soaking wet...had to get the towel out...hilarious.

Okay...what you all have been waiting for...

height: 32 inches - 90%
weight: 21.2 lbs - 25%

long and lean...she is also cutting two more teeth on the bottom left, one of them being her bottom molar!

She cried today from the moment he put the stethoscope to when the doc left the room. She got 3 shots today, and they checked her blood for anemia one more time, and she got the all clear! So a big day! Wooo, she is 15 months... can't hardly believe it!


Bath time
Check out my hair
First time w/ some ice cream