Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She's 3

We had a wonderful week of birthday's last week! My mom came in town for the week of celebration - we loved having Grammy here. Caroline is truly just a delight. She is full of questions - and answers :) - she loves to talk, I mean loves to talk. I have noticed that if I give her the tools she needs she really loves to learn, loves to review on her own, loves to teach her own dolls - or Wyatt...she is so stinkin smart. One of her phrases lately is "I think I misspoke." Hilarious...I mean what 3 year old says that...She loves to learn scripture, she loves to learn period. I have truly enjoyed doing pre-school w/ her at home two mornings a week while Wyatt takes his morning nap. Her birthday was great. We celebrated w/ lots of cake - she requested the same pony cake that WC had but wanted it pink. She chose her bday dinner herself - she requested Cheeseburgers, Kale, sweet potatoes, and cake (of course). Last Friday (which was my bday) we all went to the zoo! Our first time and it was so GREAT! Gosh the Lord was creative when making all the wonderful animals.
I also got Caroline some soft curlers to put in her hair at night...she loved it and felt like such a big girl! There isn't any toddler in that one anymore - she truly is all little girl! I love being her momma! Enjoy the pics.