Monday, November 30, 2009

Jason's Birthday Surprise

Jason's bday is this coming Friday December 4th~ he will be 35! Wow! Since Wyatt's bday is the 5th I decided to do something for Jason the weekend before...we got up real early, I blind folded him and took him ...for a hot air balloon ride! So great. My mom actually decided to send my dad for his 65th bday! It was a little chilly (37 degrees) but a gorgeous morning. We all went for the launch, then mom, Caroline, Wyatt and I followed the chase car so we could see them land! What a fun morning! Happy birthday babe! I am glad you were born!

New playroom

So I have been overwhelmed by lack of space, and know that Christmas and a little boy's birthday are upon sis-in-law had a GREAT idea. She said that when they lived in Atlanta she had a friend who didn't have a basement and she turned the crawl space under their stairs into a playroom! I loved the idea! So mom and dad have been here for the holiday and the transformation began. We moved all of the things I was storing under there (mostly Christmas decorations) to the new shelves we put in in the guest room closet. Dad and Jason put dry wall up, we painted the walls in the entry part of the closet space, then put sheets up on the dry wall, threw some rugs down and put in the toys! They love it! They are playing together in there...oh and Jason also put in two lights for them with switches down low so the kiddos can turn them on and off. I love creative use of spaces! Thanks mom and dad for making it happen!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

11 Months! WHAT?

Today our little man is 11 months old! I can't hardly believe that birthday party ideas are already brewing, theme is established, and Wyatt is almost 1 year old! AHHH! It is wonderful and hard all at once! This has been a big week for the boy - he got a 3rd tooth, he is pulling to stand, and this morning finally discovered the joy of the stairs. That of course means that we began to have stair lessons! I did this with Caroline and am so thankful. She mastered those stairs early on and I never really worried about her. So - WC - got his first lesson today in going up and down. I must say he was pretty proud of himself.
One new thing I love watching is Caroline and Wyatt interacting now. It is just too precious. Two of my favorites have been on walks w/ them in double wide. Last week Wyatt leaned in to kiss Caroline. He hadn't done this before. She backed away b/c she didn't know what he was trying to do. I told her, and well, that was all she needed they then kissed back and forth for the next several minutes! I love it! Then on Monday we were walking and I watched Caroline just reach over and begin rubbing Wyatt's back! Oh to sweet! Lord, bless their relationship so that they might always be friends.

I held WC this morning getting him out of his car seat and just held him close and kissed that sweet little head. Knowing he's growing up right before my eyes and he may not want me always kissing on his sweet head...isn't it the goal to work myself out of a job...that's a hard thing to do!

Oh yeah and I trimmed Caroline's hair for the first time in her life last Monday. I think I cut off about 4 inches! Woah! Didn't intend to be that much...but it looks so healthy and like a big girl!