Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fam time

Daddy time...things to note: the chunk of a man child, and the double french braids in the girls hair!
Also a pic w/ their Mimi and Pops,Papa, Papa G (we're not quite sure what Jason's dad will be called).

We are doing well...there is still a diaper rash on our poor boy...but the dermatologist didn't seem surprised. Another thing to note: yesterday, Friday, was the first Friday since maybe late summer that I haven't had to be at a doctor! We loved it!


I don't think I've put a pic of Wyatt's nursery on the blog here you go...and here is a pic of his first nap in his crib! He's 7 weeks by the way - holy cow!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I love

I love watching Caroline develop. Here's the latest on our girl...she hasn't gotten some air time in awhile.
She is saying her alphabet up to the letter L...skipping a few then getting back in the swing for some of the end and bringing it home strong for "sing with me". Most fun to report though is this. Caroline has a verse that we chose for her before she was born and it is on the wall of her room above her bed. "Teach me your way and I will walk in your truth. Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name. Psalm 86:11" We say this verse most nights before bed. The other day I was laying in bed w/ her at the end of her nap and she looked up to her verse and said "abc". I then asked her if she knew what it said...then she responded w/ "Walk in truth". What a wonderful thing for a mom to hear...yes my dear, walk in truth.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What you REALLY want

Ok what you all really want is some pics of our crew!

Check out Caroline visiting Fragill Rock - I mean really those pony tails are hilarious...also see my chunk of a man child...we are trying a 3.5 hour schedule yesterday and far so good. He is still sleeping 6-7 hrs at night which is fabulous.
In all...we are good. Excited about reentry into the world in the next couple of weeks...loving being home...wishing I had something left to give Jason when he gets home...but I know that will come.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Chunk

The dermatologist says that it is a yeast infection and has given us yet two different topicals for Wyatt's toosh. I think there is improvement, but really folks, I've looked at it so much I have no idea any more. We will go see Derm. next Friday the 16th for a look to see if we've gotten over it.
I took Wyatt to the pediatrician today for his one month appointment. Holy month already. Wyatt is huge compared to Caroline...

Weight: 10 lb. 9 oz (that's right one more lb since last friday) 75%
Length: 23 inches 95%

Everything besides his toosh looks great they said! Hopefully, we'll not see Dr. Cox until February.

I think this time around I am holding Wyatt more...well, when he isn't airing out several hours a day... I am allowing myself that freedom, where with Caroline I don't think I did as much.

I love being a mom. I love watching both of them, watching Caroline reach for Wyatts hand in the double stroller (which does fit through doors), pray for Wyatt, watching his eyes find mine...hearing his little grunts in the night...I love this...I love the fatigue of knowing the huge responsibility the Lord has given us. What a wonderful kind of tired.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pics

Tomorrow at 9:45am Wyatt has an appointment w/ a dermatologist! Praise the Lord! I am so ready for someone to know what to do w/ our boys toosh! It is better...just not 100% so I called the doc again and told him what was up and he said it is time to go to the dermatologist. Hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow.
Enjoy the pics of Caroline post "washing dishes" and our first family of 4 pic!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's like a spa

I feel like I am in a spa now that we are home. My bed is oh so comfy...the shower, the towels, food, windows...we are lovin' being home.
On Friday morning we had "Christmas" at our house and it was wonderful. The kids on their matching pj's which they stayed in all day...well, Wyatt did until it was time to air him out. Caroline did a great job opening some presents and is loving her new toys.
Wyatt went to the doc on Friday afternoon and is weighing in at 9 lb 9.5 oz (Caroline wasn't this big until month 2) - so that is great news. His lungs sounded "fully recovered" Dr. Cox said...his poor bottom is another issue, but we are giving these antibiotics an opportunity to really run their course and 3 days in I think we are seeing improvement.

Wyatt spends most of his day laying on his tummy, sans diaper on many layers of towels wrapped in blankets. When I nurse we put him in a diaper w/ some various cream, ointment, antibiotic, or now we've been using some corn starch. After I nurse we rinse him off in the sink, then blow his tush dry w/ the hair dryer. About 2-3x a day we do a little sitz bath...blow him dry you can imagine how many loads of laundry we've been doing each day...woah! But I think there is improvement. The color is still the same, but the width is shrinking...

Enjoy the pics from the last couple of days.

Oh yeah...Jason just took mom to the airport...a very teary thankful goodbye...I managed to get Caroline bathed and to bed and then Wyatt nursed all by myself. One night down...a bagillion to go! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Insert Michael Buble singing "Home"! We are heading there within the next hour or so. Waiting on discharge papers, prescriptions, and Jason w/ a car! We are heading home! Did I mention that we are going home today? Wyatt and I have spent 14 days total I think in the hospital since he was born! Praise Jesus we are going home! No nebulizer treatments, no nothing for this stinkin' RSV...going home w/ two prescrips. for his toosh however! We are going home!

Thank you for all of your prayers! We are going HOME!


So the doc came in this morning and was thrilled that Wyatt was off Oxygen! We really only talked about that for a couple minutes then attention turned to Wyatt's bottom. He said he would've thought there would be an improvement by now w/ all that we are doing. He now thinks that this is a bacterial infection on his bottom. He began to say things like "if you're nervous to do the antibiotics at home, or don't think you can get in to see your pediatrician tomorrow then we'll keep him and look at it tomorrow"...I was listening to him speak and then said "wait we could go home today?" he said yeah maybe. I said the whole 24 hour thing and he said you know it's really 8-12 hours and making it through a couple of sleep cycles and you could go home. I told him I didn't feel like I could make that call b/c we want to be home so badly. Doc said, okay I'll make the decision. Let's see how he does w/ the first treatment of the antibiotic and I'll be back in this afternoon and let you know what we are going to do.

Honestly, I'd love to go home, but one more night at this point is nothin'! But could be TODAY!!!
The concern now is his bottom, not his great!

Happy New Year

Wyatt remained on a 1/2 liter all day yesterday - however his numbers looked like they were going to need to bump him up in the night again...he was in the low 90's and even dipping into the mid to upper 80's at times. So I was preparing for that to happen again.
Mom stayed the day w/ me and was leaving after the 6pm feeding to go home so Jason could come down to "ring in the new year" w/ me...the nurse came in around 7pm to say hi and she was going over to bump his O2 up and she looked at the oxygen and was like where is he plugged in..I said right there and she said no he isn't his tube isn't attached...well we laughed b/c he was in the upper 80's and low 90's not on O2. So she reattached it and his levels obviously went up. She mentioned this to RT and when he came in he listened and said that his lungs sounded really good and he would just listed each time before I nursed and we'd go from there...but no suction needed. At the 6am feeding Ike (our RT - like the name Darren and Teri? - this is what they are naming number 4 baby to be born in early March...well Isaac and they will call him Ike) came in and he was getting ready to assess him...and I said "Ike, look, he pulled his nasal canula out" Wyatt's number are in the low to mid 90's sleeping...WOW! We have taken him off of O2 since then and he is holding strong! Praise the Lord. I called to tell my dad and he was making sure he had the story straight so he could send an email out to their small group and daddy said "Ok so sometime between 2 and 6am the Lord took Wyatt's O2 tube out and he's been doing fine" I loved that phrasing...the Lord took the O2 tube out...yes He did!
So, I am trying to emotionally prepare that they may have to put him back on O2, even if a little sometime today...but the prayer for all of you b/c I just don't know if I can pray that Wyatt will remain off of O2 for another 24 hours until tomorrow morning and we may just get to bust out of here! Oh sweet Jesus!
Day # 9 here at the hospital might just be our most fun yet!

Happy New Year little Wyatt!