Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dress Up, Growing Up, Stories and more...

So much to fill you all in on...I will try to just hit the highlights...

Trip to Kansas was GREAT! Thanks to my mom who flew to Nashville then drove with us to KC and back again to Nashville on the return trip. My kiddos did AMAZING considering it took a total 16.5 hr on the way out and 18.5 hours on the way back...they were troopers! A rite of passage for sure.
Kansas was wonderful. I love watching Caroline w/ her cousins...learning about playing dress-ups (see the pic), celebrating Mother's Day w/ my mom, sis-in-law, and grandmother (see pic of me and kiddos) I don't know when the last time I was home for mother's day was...and just watching the cousins love and learn from one another (see the pic of all 6 grandkids)...I LOVE home and miss it everyday!
Wyatt is holy cow almost 6 months old! He is rolling over so much so that he sometimes forgets to take his naps in the morning b/c he loves rolling so much. He has found his feet, he totally watches his sister with delight now, he is our delight. He now is eating 3 meals a just made baby food today...I love home making...
Famous quotes of Caroline these days:
(after watching our wedding video) "Where's Caroline's wedding?"

Caroline has about 40 different nick names and we just hadn't settled on one for Wyatt yet. We call him "WC" sometimes...but Uncle Jeff (Jason's bro) came up with "Dub" for him...we love it...we've been calling him "Dub" since this past weekend...Caroline however says "Doug" makes me laugh even as I type. I tried to get her to watch my mouth and see the difference in a "b" and "g" sound...I go "No baby it's Dub." To which she goes with delight like "I know mom" "Doug"...hilarious!

Okay so those are just some of the favorites.
I personally have been doing a lot of growing...sometime I'll post about it...but I am just coming out on the other side of a pretty dark time and am rejoicing at the Lord once again meeting me where I am at and restoring me!

Oh, the final Caroline thing...(after watching our wedding video again today) I was explaining about saying our vows, and that they are like promises daddy and I made to each other. She said she wanted to make a promise. I told her she would some day to her husband. And she said she wanted to marry "Mr. Adam" (that would be Adam Cantrell..hilarious). I told her he was already married. Then I told her that I love praying for her husband and did she want to pray for him. She said yes, so today she and I prayed for her mate together...pretty cool!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Caught our daughter singing her song.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Isaac & Baby Susie

Okay so meet Caroline's babies that have finally gotten names Baby Susie (in honor of Susannah Burns that babysits the kids and is a DEAR DEAR friend), and Baby Isaac (in honor of my brother's 4th just born in Feb)...these two go most places w/ Caroline these days. Nice shades too I might add! It has been a favorite of late to hear her wailing "Sweet Caroline...bum bum bum..." in the monitor!

Wyatt is doing really well. I am struggling still w/ some of his feedings later in the day trying to figure out if he is getting enough...ahhh again I wish for the see through boob!

This next Wed (6th) we leave (me, and 2 kiddos) in the car for our first road trip to Kansas. Since Caroline is no longer free I decided that I would try it in the car w/ them. We'll drive to Nashville and stay w/ my buddies Chris and Brea (who Wyatt is named after) and my mom will actually fly into Nashville and drive the next day w/ me the rest of the way to KC. We'll be there until the 15th and then do it all again! I'm looking forward to the experience and feel like everyone should do this w/ their kids! It's a rite of passage isn't it?

That said I am sure I will have lots of stories from Kansas in the next post!