Friday, May 16, 2008

Comfy Sleeping

I found Caroline in this pose yesterday at nap time! I have never seen her like this. After I crept back in to her room to get the camera she woke up. When I initially saw her, her arms were behind her head...sooo sweet!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Wonder of it All

Today jason, Caroline and I saw baby #2 for the first time! We saw little "arm and leg buds", we saw the heart beat, and we heard the heart beat. Wooosh Woosh Wooosh...140 beats/minute! Amazing! When we saw the baby out of my mouth came "Thank you Lord!" I am so thankful it is still amazing this time. There was that fear in me that this would be "old hat" sure isn't. I am thankful Lord that you AMAZE me! I am thankful Lord that I am so not in control...another great reminder that I need you. I am thankful Lord for a believing husband and a believing doctor!
Our due date has changed as I am a little bit ahead of where they initially thought. I am 7 weeks 3 days, due Dec. 27...which means b/c of diabetes the latest this little one will come is Dec. 20!

Thank you Lord for this precious gift you have on loan to us. May we be good stewards!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Playing with Frogs

We found a little baby frog was hanging out on our back porch. So, Caroline and I decided to go outside and play with frog. Alli was filming the entire thing when this excitement happened...

Thought you might like to know the rest of the story. Thankfully Jason was right by her, because I ran away. I was so sicked out. He removed the frog before she had a chance to bite down! Legs were hanging out of her mouth however. After we got the frog out she did smile and make a "sour" face...hilarious!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Buddy

Our dear friend Chris and Brea and daughter Finley swung through town this weekend...check out how the girls have grown since we were in Nashville w/ them! Time flies. We love you guys! Thanks for doing life with us.