Tuesday, June 24, 2008

15 month Stats

Well, the pics you'll see are from Caroline helping Jason water the plants outside while still in her jammies! She decided to first put a stick in the water hose...then an arm...then her whole body! This was at about 7:15 am one morning...she was soaking wet...had to get the towel out...hilarious.

Okay...what you all have been waiting for...

height: 32 inches - 90%
weight: 21.2 lbs - 25%

long and lean...she is also cutting two more teeth on the bottom left, one of them being her bottom molar!

She cried today from the moment he put the stethoscope to when the doc left the room. She got 3 shots today, and they checked her blood for anemia one more time, and she got the all clear! So a big day! Wooo, she is 15 months... can't hardly believe it!


Bath time
Check out my hair
First time w/ some ice cream

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What fun we're having

To my faithful readers (she clears her throat) I apologize for such a long time since our last post. I am realizing today that perhaps it truly is because I am almost 13 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and most of my time has been spent trying to follow a toddler around, eating, or sleeping when she is sleeping. I think I am coming out of the fatigue a little more which is a blessing.

So...Caroline or as we affectionately call her "The Boo" is 15 months and is just a delight! We hit the pool most days, and she is quite independant from mommy. Yesterday she was pushing my hands away wanting to float on her own, with her legs moving a mile a minute...quite the little duckling if you ask me. She has been great about going under, and trying to "blow raspberries" when her mouth goes under...well last night in the bathtub, unsolicited she bent over and was blowing in the water over and over. Now this is a skill we've been working on for months, but she usually just would stick her face in the water and then smile! She is walking everywhere, babbling some language that has inflection, beginning and ending places and for sure punctuation! She eats like a champ! Today she had a few bites of sweet potato, and apple...then she and I plunged into one of my daily fav's as a kid...cheese crisps...(tortilla w/ cheese) but I added her black eye peas and she thought I hit a home run....she ate a whole one by herself!!!

She is blond...where is that from...some cute little tan lines...and a smile to melt!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

more pics

Over the River and Through the Woods

We have been in Kansas since May 21 and have lots to report on! We flew home (which is a new adventure when they become mobile) and hit the floor running with celebrations for mom b/c she is retiring after 25 years of teaching!! Holy cow that is a long time. We surprised her Thursday w/ a pedicure, then family dinner, then blind folder her and took her to her school, where a co-worker, camp staffers, current and former sturdents all organized a musical revue show to honor her. Eat your heart out Mr. Holland's Opus!! It was incredible...and even better she had absolutely no idea.
Then it was an all day fish catchin' fish fry at my brother's house (which is right across from my parents and is my best friend from growing up former house)...we saw Wicked the musical...we napped...Caroline played w/ her cousins, went to a petting zoo, played in water, laughed at my dog, and found some new words like: "Hi", "doggie", "shoes", "cheese"...not all all the time...but Hi is her new favorite to anyone on the plane, or grocery store...I think she has "Woo" as a top 5 strength!

Below are some hilights from the trip!