Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gettin' Dirty

So being a mom is not a clean thing...the last couple of days have been hard. First Wyatt woke w/ congestion on Thursday...temp followed...cough...puke b/c of congestion/cough during meals....then Caroline wakes w/ it yesterday...let the spiral begin. Just when I thought maybe we were turning a corner this morning...lunch time sent us in yet another spiral - being downward- she puked all over me - then Wyatt crawled through it as the dogs licked it up! AHHHHH DISGUSTING! So we made it upstairs to the shower...all 3 of us...she was weeping and crying...shaking...her temp had shot up...meanwhile...Wyatt nose dripping and coughing is having the time of his life splashing in the water on the floor of the shower. Today..we are getting down and dirty! Here's hoping for sweet rest while they are up there sleeping...and a good time tonight once Daddy gets home, and we can all snuggle and watch a movie together! Being a mommy is dirty!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday little boy!

Today you turned 1! is it possible my little man? It has flown...and feels like a long time that I have known you. Your first month of life was a bit dramatic...but I wouldn't change it...I feel like you and I bonded in a way I was nervous wouldn't happen being the 2nd child. I had time with you...time to pray over you...time to weep over you...time to hold you...time to learn your noises...time secluded with you away from the world...then when we got home..we hit the floor running. As I rocked with you tonight...I thought about all that you have learned in this first year and it truly is amazing. I am proud of you. I love hearing your laugh, giggle, growls, getting kisses from you, watching you dance, discover, be YOU! You are wonderful Wyatt Christopher. I love being your mom! Happy birthday little boy!