Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Vacation

We are just returning home tonight from our first family of 4 vacation. We didn't drive to go visit any family. We didn't meet any family at our was just us...Jason, Allison, Caroline, and Wyatt. It was divine. You know I didn't know if it would be. Would it feel like we were just doing life in another didn't feel that way...even cooking dinner seemed appreciated food different...Jason and I slept in same room even though we had space that they didn't have to but they requested that they should...they slept well, played well...I think we only had one spanking, a couple of wipe outs, lots of new words from Wyatt (like elevator, I got it, There it is, beach, jelly bean, ice cream)...there too will be a sufficient detox from all the videos watched in the car and at night...but was vacation...I loved it...Thankful we made the decision to try it this year...overall thankful!

The Generous Spirit

About a month ago I began talking to Caroline about donating her hair to locks of love. I told her that there are some kids that are sick and don't have hair. Would she like to give them hers...she paused and said "Yeah let's do it after naps." I laughed and said well, you've got a wedding that you're in in a couple weeks, lets wait until after the wedding. So, about 2 days after the wedding she said, "Mom the wedding is over, we have to cut my hair." I love it.
I wasn't sure how she would react...when they cut would she cry and beg for them to put it back on (would I cry and beg for them to put it back on)...neither happened...our little lady behaved again with such grace...I love it! I told Jason that I feel very responsible for raising her to know that truly "your beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"...she won't always have gorgeous hair, so I don't want her to associate her worth with is a look at her new look...

The Flower Girl

Caroline was asked to be a flower girl in a wedding. It was sweet Kelsey Stubbs (now Cordell). Kelsey has babysat for us since C was born. I have had the opportunity to mentor Kelsey for a is a sweet relationship. Anyway, we have practiced and gotten ready...but oh what I experienced couldn't have prepared me for what I felt that night.
We did all the hoopla that a wedding should have...the rehearsal dinner (you'll see the pic w/ her adorned in her hoopla that the bride got for her) she instantly became 16 I am pretty sure. Then the next day she decided that she wanted to wear her tutu (that Kelsey also got her) to arrive at the wedding in...hilarious...then she got dressed...and from here on out I was so impressed with our girl.
She did a lot of waiting around like you do when you are in a wedding. Never did I hear a complaint, or a whine...never...she chose to behave w/ respect to those asking things of her, when the rain moved the wedding indoors and she had to roll with it...she did...then came the time for me to leave her upstairs w/ the girls, and make my way downstairs to sit w/ Jason and await her arrival. I told her I was going downstairs and was she ok. She said she was. I was nervous...not because I was afraid for her, or wanting her to be perfect...I just kept telling her all weekend to have fun...but here is what I came to realize. I had my first proud parent moment. You see, it was the first time that I became an observer of her life. I wasn't in control...she was...I had no say in how she did "it"...what happened was this...all the girls walk down, the music is building, and I see her little white bow above the tops of peoples heads...walking slowly...then she turns the corner with the most gorgeous calm smile on her face and she was tossing those petals, and walking, and smiling...she's never done a thing in front of people...I mean truly you never know what you're going to get w/ a flower girl...right...we've all seen them loose it...never make it down the aisle...but for wasn't the perfection that she gave walking down the aisle that I was so proud of...but w/ tears streaming down my face I was observing my daughter make a choice w/ how she wanted to behave, treat others, step up to the plate at game time and deliver, then wait w/ grace even longer for that darned cake! I was just so proud of her. To top it all off, as the wedding is happening - vows are being said - she realizes that she still has all these petals in her basket, what to do. Jason just tells her to drop them on her way back out at the end. And so she was great. Enjoy the pics of our little lady.

Seeing Old Friends

I apologize for my lack of blogging....probably have lost any readers I once's to new beginnings...the fall is approaching (although you would never know from the heat outside)...there are some happenings that I wanted to capture there will be several posts to come...

We had the awesome opportunity to catch up w/ dear friends Keith & Hope West and their two boys Jed and Bo. I worked w/ Keith and Hope at Kanakuk. She and I walked every day together, traveled together, dreamed of walking with our babies together, prayed for our lives together, she was in my wedding...and now we just live too far apart. But every year about this time she and her fam come cruising through Atlanta b/c they have just been to see Keith's fam in North Carolina. Well...we met for lunch, Keith never having met my kids, I only having seen Jed (now almost 5) right after he was born, and Bo (almost 3) when he was about 9 months old...our kids played so great together, and Hope and I spotted a few "glances" between Jed and see it too? Anyway, it made me so thankful for stolen moments w/ friends. Like my mom says...I don't think that absence makes the heart grow is being w/ people that makes it grow fonder. I have missed was a pleasure to be w/ her and her men.