Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing together

Yesterday was priceless...the kids are learning about playing together. It is so great to watch them and hear them. It was after naps and they stayed upstairs playing. They had crawled into the cradle which is the "boat" and I hear Caroline in there instructing Wyatt. Here's how the conversation went:
C: "Wyatt this is an apple. Can you say apple?"
W: "Apple"
C: "Good job buddy that's right. This is an alligator. Can you say alligator?"

etc etc. And this kind of conversation went on for over 10 min I bet. She is often getting married, and he is often her prince (even when he doesn't know it). She asks us who her "special man" will be...when I say I don't know his name yet I ask her if she would like to pray for him...she we do.

Wyatt is ALL boy. I love it. And he is sweet to his mamma. Today as we waited for Jason after the service he smothered me with kisses. Probably 10 in a row...precious. He is into riding his bike, as is she. He loves "Lightning" "Doc" and "Mater"...he loves rough housing...

They both love the water. We are at the pool most days, thankful for the reprieve from the heat.

Mostly in these last few weeks watching them I realize - AGAIN - just how fast this is going. I mean was it really already a year ago that WC began all his puking and we realized it was reflux...has it really been a year since we potty trained Caroline...Lord in the midst of me trying to find a way to "kill time"...let me soak this up...let me soak it in...I think often of the passage that talks about Jesus' mother Mary "hiding these things in her heart." too

pics: Caroline trying on her flower girl dress and practicing being a flower girl
Wyatt: swimming lesson and being well cute :)

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