Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seeing Old Friends

I apologize for my lack of blogging....probably have lost any readers I once's to new beginnings...the fall is approaching (although you would never know from the heat outside)...there are some happenings that I wanted to capture there will be several posts to come...

We had the awesome opportunity to catch up w/ dear friends Keith & Hope West and their two boys Jed and Bo. I worked w/ Keith and Hope at Kanakuk. She and I walked every day together, traveled together, dreamed of walking with our babies together, prayed for our lives together, she was in my wedding...and now we just live too far apart. But every year about this time she and her fam come cruising through Atlanta b/c they have just been to see Keith's fam in North Carolina. Well...we met for lunch, Keith never having met my kids, I only having seen Jed (now almost 5) right after he was born, and Bo (almost 3) when he was about 9 months old...our kids played so great together, and Hope and I spotted a few "glances" between Jed and see it too? Anyway, it made me so thankful for stolen moments w/ friends. Like my mom says...I don't think that absence makes the heart grow is being w/ people that makes it grow fonder. I have missed was a pleasure to be w/ her and her men.

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