Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Vacation

We are just returning home tonight from our first family of 4 vacation. We didn't drive to go visit any family. We didn't meet any family at our was just us...Jason, Allison, Caroline, and Wyatt. It was divine. You know I didn't know if it would be. Would it feel like we were just doing life in another didn't feel that way...even cooking dinner seemed appreciated food different...Jason and I slept in same room even though we had space that they didn't have to but they requested that they should...they slept well, played well...I think we only had one spanking, a couple of wipe outs, lots of new words from Wyatt (like elevator, I got it, There it is, beach, jelly bean, ice cream)...there too will be a sufficient detox from all the videos watched in the car and at night...but was vacation...I loved it...Thankful we made the decision to try it this year...overall thankful!

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